Work is slow just looking to chat

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You like things to be done on time, and done well.

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So when someone you work with keeps turning in unfinished reports or sloppy pieces of work, it really grinds your gears. Not only that, it affects everything else you do. That subpar asment might mean you push back an important deadline, or piss off a client, or lose out on the respect of the rest of the company. Having the feedback come from a higher-up gives it more weight, and can feel more natural than when it comes from a co-worker of the same level. Here are some tips for handling this conversation with ease.

Getting handed sloppy work can irritate even the calmest of individuals, and understandably so. You want to come across as the calm, cool, and collected professional you know you are.

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Addressing it earlier rather than later also allows you to have a more informal chat as opposed to a serious, prolonged discussion. Do they typically submit top-notch work, or has this happened before and how many times? Has it been a slow decrease in quality, or is this a complete from what they usually turn in? How you address one big mess-up will require a much different approach than how you address someone who has been disappointing for some time. Also, is there a trend you can pull out in terms of the kind of work they seem to struggle with, or is it pretty consistent no matter the asment?

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Are they usually open to constructive criticism, or do they tend to get defensive when pulled aside? For example, you could have high expectations that your team is unaware of.

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Do you feel the timeline and expectations are achievable? Is there any way I can assist you in getting it where it needs to be?

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And why is it supposed to look that way? Finally, remind them that you care about their growth and success. You know this person probably wants to move up in their role—so make it clear following your changes will help get them there. Say that your direct report keeps turning in hurried-looking documents, causing you to have to redo them before submitting them to a client. You could say the following:. But give them the chance to prove themself, too. If they immediately start to show improvement on a small scale, acknowledge that.

Compliments and positive reinforcement will only encourage the person to keep up the good work—making your job that much easier.

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Put Aside Any Negative Feelings Getting handed sloppy work can irritate even the calmest of individuals, and understandably so.

Work is slow just looking to chat

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