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Cameron Diaz is baring all in her new film "Sex Tape" and stripping down in the latest issue of "Esquire" magazine, but revealing her view on motherhood is what's grabbing all the headlines. But her answer was anything but. And, boom. Women like me. Cameron Diaz's naked truth: No kids makes things 'much easier'. Our lives began when we met and decided to be together.

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My reasons for choosing not to have children are varied, many, and very clearly and carefully considered. Some of those reasons are financial, some pertain to my career, and many relate to my lifestyle. No one would force an unwanted dog on an unwilling owner, so why would anyone think that, just because other people enjoy parenting, someone who has no desire to provide for another human being would make a devoted and doting parent? Also, guess how much more important is than a dog?

Much, much, much more important!

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The lengths people — from older relatives to doctors to complete strangers — feel they must go to save me from my own potential regret never ceases to amaze me. Like many things — causes, diseases, or deer bags — it often takes a celebrity endorsement to raise public awareness. Not all lives include children, not all childless lives are unhappy just like many, many lives that include children are not happy onesand all of those lives and choices are valid.

I don't care if you have seven children, seven cats, or seven lunches in a row. What I do with my time, with my womb is my business. Living child-free is a real thing. And guess what? She has one husband, two cats, no kids, and no regrets. You can follow her occasional tweets at tamaranitai.

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Women want sex Cameron

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