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Bushnell said the show, which will run from June 22 — July 18, will be about her life from her arrival in New York to pursue a writing career, to creating the character Carrie Brhaw based largely on her own life, to managing the ups and downs of what turned out to be a pop-culture touchstone, to aging out of the youthful lifestyle she chronicled.

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Bushnell said the theater production will not be a stage version of that novel, but rather about the personal experiences that informed it. Bushnell, 62, has never performed theatrically. As a best-selling novelist and creator of a phenomenally popular TV show from —she has spent countless hours in front of audiences for interviews, book events, and talks, but this will be her first time performing in a fully scripted theater production. POST turns lemons into lemonade, inviting the world to Philly with virtual studio visits.

Artists, once hesitant to bring strangers into their studios, now agree to do POST via digital tools.

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I would do a lot more but Lorin [Latarro], who is the director, is always telling me to dial it back. The Bucks County Playhouse has a long history of premiering new work. Since it originally opened in as a summer stock theater, it has been the launching pad for many actors, directors, and playwrights whose work would become major pieces in American theater and film, including Robert Redford, Grace Kelly, Neil Simon, and Mike Nichols.

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After struggling in the s and s, then foreclosing inthe theater reopened in with renewed ambition. Since then it has produced eight world premieres. With no theater experience, Bushnell started writing s and acting them out for producer Marc Johnston.

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When she entered her 50s, she felt that not only had her younger self, embodied by her fictional character Carrie, changed dramatically, but so had the way the world perceived her. I really felt like my pilot light had gone out, and that seemed to be a common feeling among women: You tried this and that, and you just kind of run out of steam. I was really looking to find new meaning. Bucks County Playhouse is looking for its history — and needs your help.

As it celebrates its 80th anniversary, the Bucks County Playhouse is looking for everything from posters to playbills to piece together its missing history. Bucks County group envisions African-American museum. Related Content. Get the WHYY app! Listen anytime, anywhere. Share this Facebook Twitter. You may also like. Shapiro on Theater. The ghost of John Barrymore is the liveliest part of the play, and surely of this production.

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