Wanting to be taken care of

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If you don't learn much from noticing these ten things the first time, do it again and again until you think you have a pretty good idea why things go wrong. Remember, we are talking about THE worst problem in your relationship here. This is the "data gathering" phase. The only thing left after the data gathering is take action.

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Here's what I suggest Ask yourself questions like this: "Why do I stop myself from taking action when I want to be taken care of by my partner? Then make a lengthy list of all of the OTHER things you could do when you act on this impulse besides the things you do that don't work. Some of them may even work wonderfully for both of you! If your theory is that THEY cause the problem or that somehow it takes BOTH of you to create the problem, it's time for a discussion with your partner.

But be ready for them to disagree. If it works, great! If it doesn't, talk again and come up with your next plan. Keep referring back to the ten things I suggested for you to notice. APA ReferenceJuly Medically reviewed by Harry Croft, MD. All Rights Reserved.

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Site last updated August 6, Do you go ahead with your urge and ask for something caring, do you hold back, Was your urge to be taken care of by them "triggered" by something they did? What YOU do next. What THEY do next. Where you are. Are the physical surroundings "fitting" for this impulse? Do they "trigger" it? How you feel when you act on the impulse or when you don't. How your action or lack of action effects your partner.

How else could you have tried to communicate this message to your partner?

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Wanting to be taken care of

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When You Want to Be Taken Care of by Your Partner