Want to worship your ass

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This century has been full of surprises for us baby boomers: Self-driving cars, portable phones that are smarter than we are, the ubiquity of hummus.

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But nothing has made my jaw drop further than the phenomenon of big butt worship. I grew up hating my big fat butt, in fact, feeling humiliated by it. Oh sure, many other body parts were on my shit list as well, but only my thighs could really touch my butt ha ha. I now know that girls of all shapes and sizes also felt this way, but I was bona fide chubby. When I did, for example in a department store three-way mirror, I would feel a degree of self-loathing that eventually caused me to avoid department stores.

And while some of my negative body consciousness lightened up around the time I became a mother, I still had enough rage against my butt in my 40s to come up with the Butt Assessment Test see sidebar. Now, big butt worship has crossed all color lines, with Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez leading the charge. This is good news for the post-Twiggy generation: we who pretty much invented eating disorders. Good news for the post-Twiggy generation: we who pretty much invented eating disorders.

When I checked with my African-American friend Cija, a year-old academic advisor who grew up in Harford County, MD, she basically agreed with my initial assessment that Want to worship your ass few extra pounds have generally been better tolerated in black culture than white.

These days, the conversation has gotten quite a bit more complicated, as our devotion to ideal body aesthetics meets our more enlightened feminist attitudes. The episode where these implants exploded during a performance was supposed to be funny, but it drew sharp criticism from women writers on the internet as a severe example of mansplaining and body shaming. Sadly, the focus on having a perfect body, no matter how perfect is defined, is always going to mean some people are miserable.

I wish I could say that my demographic has aged out of this sort of thing, but that would be a big lie. When my daughter explained that it applies not just to the butt but to the thighs, it took my breath away. Even the most accomplished and beautiful among us can find herself trapped in a snake pit of self-loathing and madness if her butt is too big. And how do you know? When you end up in a department store dressing room with fluorescent lights and a three-way mirror and learn that a hideous alien life form is posing as one of your body parts?

Fortunately, most of the time, your butt is in your head, and that is why psychologists have at last provided an assessment tool in this area. While a written test like the BAT cannot determine the actual, i. At least my butt is relatively smooth and unblemished.

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At least my butt looks okay in clothes. At least my butt is not the size of a Chevy Suburban. At least my butt is not responsible for the many problems of the world. If your score is over 5, your butt is ruining your life. But you knew that already. A version of this article was originally published in June The area around the eyes is the first to show our age.

Here, beauty guru Cheryl Kramer Kaye shares her favorite ways to keep that important real estate soft and supple.

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Actually…one of her fans might have found her perfect mate. This week we saw a reckoning for Gov. The media is so afraid to highlight big butts. Look at this article. The main photo of JaLo crops out most of her assets.

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First people complain about being skinny and now big butts. Why not stop criticizing and just be able to let people do their thing and you do your thing? Have a blessed evening. This is an awesome take on the new booty protocol. I am a fifty year old woman who has always had serious ass. I grew up in a family of ectomorphs. I was targeted at home and at school for having a big butt. It hurt a little, but… I never hurt in any serious way for male attention.

Flash forward to when I had daughters. They both inherited my bum in different degrees. But I want my well-endowed girls to know, that when Twiggy is back in style, and mind you, twiggies are and have always been just as beautiful as Marilyns, Christies, Annas, Oprahs, Norahs, Fridas, what-have-yous that me, my babes, and everyone will still be as beautiful as they are today.

These muscles are important for preventing back and leg problems and weaken as we age this the flat butt. Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. A healthy, well cared for woman will always be attractive. Ignore trends.

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Go for style! Personal style, that is. This is awesome. Flash forward 30 years, and both of my daughters have inherited my booty: one a little less, one a little more. Both of my daughters, totally diverse, seem to truly love and embrace their bodies. And they have truly inspired me to do the same. Am I enjoying the booty-loving culture of late? You bet your sweet ass.? Will I ride out the next Twiggy- esque phase, and still try to embrace my own curves? For sure.

So, why do these journalists continue to push this on us. You come to the edge but avoid stepping off. And we have to get over our denial that aging, and death exist. Society must stop valuing women by their body parts. Women are smart, powerful, capable, and compassionate and must be valued for these qualities! None of these obsessions are a good thing if it le to people having implants and having weird stuff injected into their bodies.

Self-esteem is still a big problem because of the ridiculous unrealistic images that women feel they have to live up to. The way you look on the outside is still celebrated much more than your accomplishments or your heart.

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Plastic surgery used to be something that older Hollywood turned to in a desperate attempt to halt the inevitable aging process. It still suggests that some bodies are more desirable or in vogue than others. The ideal of beauty is dictated by men. Men are mostly happy with any reasonably attractive woman happy to spend time with them.

Do you think guys care about fashion? I still get plenty of attention from young, attractive men. I have to agree. We tend to buy in to the prevailing beauty line and use it to denigrate ourselves. We are the Voice of Smart, Bold Women 45 and over! Our mantra is Age Boldly! No where else will you find authentic, original content like this. So give a little or give a lot. We want to continue publishing stories about love later in life, adult children never leaving home, wearing a bikini after 50 and trips of a lifetime! Thank you in advance for supporting NextTribe.

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I am waiting for the mind and spirit to be in vogue, instead of big fake asses and boobies!!! Never hear about that.

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Never cared to have a big behind. Live and let live. Thank you Marion Winik for another great piece. Your Butt Assessment Test is hilarious. Love our content? Today, our conversations question which direction we are headed in and how to get there. How to drink it all in and how to give back.

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Want to worship your ass

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