Want to try my fetish

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Q: Without going into too much detail I am into what some people, actually a lot of people would think was kinky. I have recently started dating someone new and I like them a lot, but I am not sure if they are into anything remotely close to what I am or if they would be open to trying. My past partners have been people I have met in situations where like-minded people kink are. So, my question is how do I explain my fetish to this new person? A: In every relationship, we have to have discussions about delicate or tricky subjects, I get asked about conversations like that often, so you are not alone there.

If you have been in the kink scene for a while you are undoubtedly good at having conversations about kinks, boundaries, etc so that is a plus for you, you are probably better at that sort of tricky conversation than you realize. Having the conversation is important and avoiding it will not do you or your prospective partner any favors. However, if you have a fetish or kink you are really into and want to share with this person, having the conversation about it with a Want to try my fetish can feel scary. Unfortunately, many common kinks and fetishes are still heavily stigmatized.

There can be a level of fear and uncertainty in the unknown. That can make even the most confident of us concerned about being judged made even harder by the fact that it is something intimate you are sharing about yourself.

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Let your partner know that you trust them and that is why you want to share this with them. You could try something like. I am sure you will understand how hard this can be. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable someone that cares about you such as a partner is likely to be more considerate and understanding during your discussion. Hopefully, it will mean they are more open to listening without quick judgment. An example could be. That experience has made me more cautious and is why I am a bit nervous now. I hope you understand why I have been slow to share this with you.

It may feel embarrassing to share details and context, you may feel more vulnerable, but it helps break down many myths and misconceptions about your kink or fetish. You are unique and so is your kink or what turns you on, sharing like this helps your partner see it that way rather than falling back on any misconceptions they may have about the topic.

Sharing like this is scary but it can also have big rewards because it can increase the level of intimacy in your relationship. An example of what you could say is. It really turns me on. I trust you and wanted to share it with you, we can talk more about it later. Give them a chance to get used to the idea but understand what turns you on may not ever turn them on and that is OK. One idea is if your partner likes porn you could try Want to try my fetish them some porn that has your particular turn on in it, it could help take the mystery out of it and demonstrate what you are interested in.

It is a relationship negotiation that you need to have, and it may mean you indulge in your kink solo or it may mean they are into it too. Do you have any fantasies of your own? It goes both ways. They may share or they may not be ready to share either way is OK and at the very least it demonstrates that you are a thoughtful partner.

Being turned on by X or Y is not a reflection on your character, and as your partner may not know this, take the time to explain it carefully.

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I am still the same person, I still like to you, I am still attracted to you, and it does not change our relationship. Hearing about something like this can lead to your partner worrying that your regular sex life is boring. Reassure them. When you are wrapping things up explain that this was a really important conversation because it is such an intimate part of your identity that you would only share with someone you trust and care about.

Lifting that weight off your shoulders is good for you and your relationship in the long run. You could say something along the lines of. I am grateful that you are open-minded, please know I am always going to be the same for you. Patience is still needed as Australia Post Shipping times are still affected. My .

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Want to try my fetish

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