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We will begin with an overview of the province of Ontario and how counties have changed or been introduced over the years. We will also look at how to locate place names which may have changed or disappeared. The availability of genealogical records and information in Ontario will also be covered, including:. We will also cover wills including administrations and probates and how to obtain them, land records to track the movement of ancestors, and old maps showing land ownership. And finally we will talk about some general sites which are searchable and can sometimes provide surprising in your search for your Ontario ancestors.

Mourning has always played a ificant part in the human story, and as a result, it leaves its own clues and hints in the historical record. If you have been fortunate enough to receive a box or suitcase of goodies as the family historian, you may have discovered some of these elements of mourning without realizing what they were. In this workshop, Glen Spearman will illustrate how mourning paraphernalia goes far beyond the traditional black clothing, and will demonstrate how you can use mourning jewelry, fashion, hats, gloves, and even something as unexpected as a spoon to learn more about your family history.

Gwen will cover from to as far as WWI, time permitting. Learn to create a map of the various places they lived or use descriptive placemarks to map burial sites in a cemetery. The options of what you can do are endless! This introduction to using Google Vgs married adult chat wednesday Pro as another Genealogy tool will only begin to touch on the full scope and possibilities of the program.

Content in this workshop will cover using the program on the PC and will address:. The handout for this workshop will have examples, helpful hints and a resource list for finding help on the Internet. us to learn how to use the versatile Google Earth Pro program to find new and interesting ways learn more about your ancestors!

Finding your ancestors has never been easier than now, but with all the research tools available it Vgs married adult chat wednesday get a little overwhelming. This workshop is deed for those new to genealogy but the not-so-new can also gain tips and advice for good researching. Merv Scott as he provides the principles to guide your research and le you through a step-by-step process towards genealogy success.

This session is full of hints and tips about the common mistakes made in genealogy research. Hear about the latest trends in technology, how to put the internet to work for you and more! Send in your roadblocks in your Irish research and let Barb use her expertise in Irish records to help you bust through them!

We will explore where to go and what is possible with available Irish records. Whether you submit a brick wall, or just want to see Barb's process for breaking them down, if you have Irish ancestors you won't want to miss this workshop! There will be a limit of 12 brick walls researched by Barb - first come, first served.

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Submit your brick wall to workshop victoriags. If you are having difficulties finding records for your American ancestors, come and us as we explore the many and varied locations to search for American records. There are also church records, fraternal organizations and school records available where your ancestors may have left their footprints.

The history of the treatment of mental health has a long and varied history. Given how easy it was in the past to be committed to an asylum, many genealogical researchers have at least one example of an ancestor who spent time in a mental institution of some sort. However, understanding this history and gaining access to the records is not always easy.

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veteran workshop presenter Heather Shave for a look at mental illness in England and Scotland. Topics covered will include:. Have you struggled getting organized in your research? Lost looking through distant cousins? Confused by family relationships? Try this research technique to organize the facts, confirm the relationships, and even write a narrative.

Once you try it, the Kinship Determination Project will be a key tool in your toolkit of genealogy research techniques. A worksheet will be distributed in advance to participants and the presenter will be able to help answer questions on your work. Parish registers are the main resource for English research prior to the census and Civil Registration With the proliferation of digitized records on the internet, this research is becoming much easier to access. Questions covered in this workshop will include:.

Wills can also provide genealogical information, and it is surprising who made wills in the s. Wills made before were proved in church courts, and there were over two hundred courts in existence. We will address:. Using these resources if they have survived! Are you looking for how to Vgs married adult chat wednesday or improve your research? How to expand your tools and resources? Get through brick walls? Put your research into compelling stories to share? This workshop will guide you through all of that and is an updated and improved presentation. We will start with research basics, then move on to how to use your research to build stories.

We will look at a research example to show you how it's really done and the. There are lots of tips and tricks for new and experienced users alike. At the end of the workshop you will understand how to undertake research to build real stories that bring the people in your family tree to life. Go beyond the data and reach into the past to the lives of your ancestors!

Get the most out of your self-publishing experience by knowing what to expect. Darin will go over the basics of the publishing process and illuminate several dark corners you may want to investigate before starting. This workshop will include basics like how to organize text and images, what sort of editing to consider, book and cover de, and printing. Darin Steinkey has helped self-publishing authors negotiate what can be a fun, challenging, frustrating, enjoyable, important process since Have Scandinavian ancestors but too worried about the language difference to start research?

That patronymic naming got you stumped? Kathie will provide an introduction to Scandinavian genealogy that will help you get started on your ancestors.

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Providing some basic information and background as well as covering the main records that are available, anyone ready to start their Scandinavian research is bound to get something out of this webinar. Experienced users may even find a few tips and tricks. Somehow, you've ended up with hundreds or is it thousands? Now you're trying to figure out how identify what's in them, preserve them for future generations, and how to share copies of them with others.

If this describes you and the pile of family memorabilia that you find yourself in, this two-part series is a great place to start or improve how you manage your family history collection. Both sessions are aimed at beginner to intermediate level genealogists. A range of alternatives from "cheap and cheerful" to "elaborate and expensive" will be discussed. This two part series will help you figure out the best way for you to care for and, if you wish, to share your collection with others for generations to come.

The first session, taught on 16 Januarywill cover how to organize, preserve and research the physical items in your collection.

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The second session, taught on 23 Januarywill cover how to digitally copy and share them with your family and fellow Vgs married adult chat wednesday. While the instructor assumes that most people will attend both sessions, each session stands on its own and can be enjoyed independently of the other.

Genealogists love newspaper obituaries for the wealth of information they can provide. But with the growth of on-line historical newspaper databases, many of them free, a wealth of 'news' about your family and the places they lived in is easier to access than ever. us for this informative workshop, back by popular demand!

We will explore the FamilySearch. What records are available for Scotland besides the census, civil registration and parish records? Scottish Poor Law records, land records, and tax records are some of the sources which can be used. us and learn about location of Scottish records, including websites and important resources, and break through your Scottish brick walls at this highly informative workshop. From on, with speedy postal service, postcard messages were like chats today, reminding sons to come to dinner on time, daughters to write home, or friends to come for a visit and "see our new town hall on the front of this card.

If you have family postcards, or can locate a few, they likely provide evidence of social and family connections, and travel. New to English research? Or have hit Vgs married adult chat wednesday brick wall? Then this workshop is for you! Learn about the basic records that cover the second half of the nineteenth century — Civil Registration births, marriages and deaths which started inthe census from toand wills after The contents of each type of record will be covered, how to search for the records, and how to make the best use of the information. Most of the records except for the actual Civil Registration records for this time are online.

Different sources for the records, some free and some commercial will be discussed as well. This workshop will show you how to build bigger, better and more accurate family trees using Ancestry's support for genetic genealogy. Following a brief overview of genetic genealogy, we will dive into the most useful ways to find, research and track your genetics cousins at Ancestry. The workshop will include case studies, as well as tips and tricks to show you how Ancestry can be used to improve your family history research using genetic genealogy.

The detailed handouts will also help make sure you are able to use what you learned when you get home. This class is deed for beginner to intermediate level Ancestry. No prior knowledge of genetic genealogy is required. Finding your ancestors has never been easier but with all the research tools available it can get a little overwhelming. This workshop is deed for those new to genealogy but the not-so-new can learn a lot as well. This session is full of hints and tips on good research techniques and how to avoid the common mistakes that beginners make with their genealogy research.

Ever wonder how you can make those documents, photos and information available to family members?

Vgs married adult chat wednesday

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