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To set up an appointment, call us at Address.

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We know that abortion is an time-sensitive issue. Let us know before your appointment, and we will put procedures in place to help you access care while minimizing infection risks. Inwe will expand to the state limit of 21 weeks 6 days gestation counting from the first day of the last menstrual period [LMP].

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Simply come inside the office and tell the receptionist that you are here for a pregnancy test. You may have a short wait, but the test takes only a couple of minutes. You do NOT have to be considering abortion in order to have a test at our office.

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Inwe will begin offering annual exams, STI testing and treatment, HIV testing, PrEP and all forms of contraception, including long-acting reversible contraceptives and Emergency Contraceptives to all clients. Local: Toll Free: Monday — Thursday 8am — 5pm Friday 8am — 12pm.

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The clinic is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and major holidays Note: Hours are subject to change. For more information about policies that can affect your access to reproductive healthcare, be sure to follow us on Facebookor visit the Yellowhammer Fund website and Facebookwhere there will be opportunities to organizecontact legislators and events!

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If you wish to donate to directly support pregnant people seeking abortion services who may not be able to afford them you can also donate to Yellowhammer Fund, which provides financial and practical support for our patients. Yellowhammer Fund is a c3 and those donations are tax deductible.

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We believe health care is a human right and no person should experience shame from their medical providers when seeking it. our Post-Roe Emergency Network. Name Address the Network. Supporting access is EASY! Need Ella? Click to find out about all of your emergency contraception options — including Ella!. Abortion is still available, even during a pandemic.

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Our Services. Contact Local: Toll Free: Want to Get Involved? Want to Donate? Donate Now!

Tuscaloosa me Tuscaloosa women

email: [email protected] - phone:(403) 838-4439 x 2072

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