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When I was first dating my boyfriend, he texted me one night saying he was going for a drink with my friend Lisa. They had bumped into each other at a work event. I immediately had a sick feeling in my stomach. Lisa is attractive and charming most men I know like her or have slept with her.

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I know we have a good relationship and I am probably overreacting, but I am wondering where these feelings are coming from and if I should listen to them. I trust my boyfriend, but these interactions with Lisa bother me a lot. What can I do?

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If you did, he should be able to hang out with the goddess Aphrodite and that would be OK. Maybe your jealousy is entirely unfounded, but I happen to think that the strong feelings you describe are there for a reason. Every relationship has different rules and expectations that are best established at the beginning, rather than building on a foundation of distrust and resentment.

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As far as Lisa goes, she should know better. Ask Molly Ringwald Life and style.

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Ask Molly Ringwald: my friend is texting my boyfriend — should I be worried? Photograph: Franck Allais for the Guardian. Molly Ringwald. Fri 19 Jun Reuse this content.

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