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Hardbacks. Award-winning poet and playwright Idris Goodwin interrogates and remixes our cultural past in order to make sense of our present and potential futures. But, most importantly, for the way Idris Goodwin, once again, builds worlds. Yes, of course the wordplay is as on point as ever—incisive and playful and still not to be played with. But I can also feel the walls of the house party. I can feel myself in the seats of old movie theaters. And that is the true gift of this book.

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His literary scriptures are rooted in the BreakBeat Poets pedagogical theory and soar in the spirit of the boom bap, the one-two and the cross over. Goodwin's contemporary emboldened eulogies cipher the forgotten founders of hood politics, the crooners in the corner of the juke t with a precision so clean, his readers sway between the syntax as both witness and worship. This text is beyond the truth. It is a nostalgia tinged nod to the past, a chronicling of our chaotic present and a questioning of what is yet to come.

Goodwin is a poet of lyric precision and masterful invention. Read it straight through. No skips necessary. The lines are sometimes swift, sometimes heavy, but there is always a discernible rhythm which propels the reader forward with deliberate, measured pace. The BreakBeat Poets Live is a virtual, multi-generational showcase of some of the illest writers on the planet rock. Award-winning poet Kevin Coval and graphic artist Langston Allston bear witness to the effects of gentrification in a Chicago neighborhood. Make a donation to sustain Haymarket Books!

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We use cookies to enhance your experience. Dismiss this message or find out more. Can I Kick It? Related blog posts View all related posts Breakbeat Poets Live! Chapter 1. Other books by Idris Goodwin. Inauguration by Idris Goodwin and Nico Wilkinson. A glimpse into the lives of anonymous graffiti artists that asks us to question the true purpose of art. Other books of interest. Electric Arches by Eve L. Original meditations on race, gender, identity, and the joy and pain of growing up, from a distinctive new voice.

Build Yourself a Boat by Camonghne Felix. Everything Must Go by Kevin Coval.

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