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Robin is passionate about helping people walk through legal difficulty, providing them with her expertise and tools to move to a better place. Alisha B. Office: Mobile: d : notguilty. Sex crimes attorney. Robin Johnson has successfully defended hundreds of accused individuals facing prosecution for a variety of sex-related offenses in California.

Our state has some of the most unforgiving sex laws in the countryand the sentences for sex crimes can be extremely harsh. Defending an individual charged with a sex crime can be difficult due to outcry from the media, public perception, and the prosecution's portrayal of the individual accused of the crime.

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You're going to need helpand it's essential to contact a local criminal defense attorney with success in sex-related crime cases and comprehensive knowledge regarding the process. Sex Crime Charges in California. Some convictions in California result in mandatory sex offender registration. With a conviction, your options for employment and housing are impacted. Other serious consequences of a sex crime conviction include state prison or county jail time and the loss of crucial civil rights such as gun rights.

Local lawyer Robin Johnson fights hard for her clients because the police may arrest people based on false accusations, mistaken identities, or completely innocent misunderstandings. Sexual assault Rape Date rape Statutory rape Internet sex crimes Prostitution, soliciting a prostitute Indecent exposure Child pornography.

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Charged With a Sex Offense? Contact Information Phone: Rancho California.

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Ste D Temecula, CA Business Hours:. d : Our Location. Content, including images, displayed on this website is protected by copyright laws. Downloading, republication, retransmission or reproduction of content on this website is strictly prohibited. Terms of Use Privacy Policy.

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