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Small groups and Sunday school classes form one of the most powerful connections and means of support for members. Many people are asking: What happens to these connections during times of social distancing? How can leaders maintain these essential care mechanisms in the lives of members?

Here are some tips to help you select the needed tools and assist your transition from in-person to virtual meetings. Meeting platforms allow group members to see — as well as hear — each other. While virtual meeting platforms Sunday I can host enhanced features, many may not be necessary for your distance meetings. Virtual meeting platforms require downlo, and not all of your members will be comfortable with that. Using a platform familiar and accessible to people across generations apps like Facebook Groups may be your best choice.

No matter how tech-savvy your group may be, there are bound to be glitches. Rather than stressing out, plan for them. Remind people to keep their devices fully charged. Teach them to use the links provided rather than typing in web addresses or chat codes. As part of your tutorial, make sure everyone knows how to mute and unmute their device microphones.

To have a successful meeting, everyone needs to commit to muting until they need to speak. This will keep the noise distractions to a minimum and keep conversations on track.

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That can create chaos in remote meetings. To manage that, ask discussion questions that invite a single response at a time. Record a leader-led lesson and post it to Facebook. Invite your class to watch the video, and log in at a specific time to chat about it.

Facebook Messenger works well as a free chat solution.

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Add members to a Messenger group, and send the invitation. Call-in services use the telephone system landline or cell.

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Services like Free Conference Call focus on audio calls but offer basic video conferencing options. Conversely, video conferencing platforms like Zoom offer free but time-limited group audio calls. From the earliest days of the class meeting until today we have divided up to grow together in our faith. Whether you recover the practice of making phone calls or log into your first small group video chat, the key is to keep caring for each other through this season of uncertainty.

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You can find a list of all his books, articles and resources for churches, including his most recent book All the Best Questionsat his website: JeremyWords. How to host Sunday school and small groups during displacement By Jeremy Steele.

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