Sunday afternoon play date

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I will be the first one to tell you that this pandemic freaking sucks, especially for our. I have an 8-year-old and a year-old. My teen should be hanging out with his friends on weekends: wandering around town, shooting the bull, meeting up with his friends at the local movie theater. My 8-year-old should be having after school playdatesgoing to birthday parties on weekends, and begging me to let him attend his first sleepover. Instead, both of my boys have not played in person with another kid since March. They play video games together for hours on end. They have their inside jokes.

And they fight like dogs at times.

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So they are not exactly starved for interaction. But they are almost six years apart, and they absolutely need to interact with kids of their own age. It hurts when I think about how much they are missing when it comes to their social lives.

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My teen plays live video games for hours with his best friends, and Sunday afternoon play date has made new friends by ing our local youth center, which is meeting online. He even performed in a virtual play over the summer, and will do so again this winter. I hear laughter from his room almost every night as he chats with his friends. I remember how starved I was at that age to be with my friends.

Nothing as magical as walking home from the library with a bestie on a Friday night, twilight streaming through the trees as you chat about movies, music, how annoying your parents are, and the meaning of life. Interacting with other kids over video chat was something he was vehemently against at the start of the pandemic. I worry about how this pandemic is affecting his emotional development. I hope against hope that he is finding enough connection in his interactions with his family, his online teacher, and his online school mates.

But even with all these worries and fears, my kids will not be having playdates anytime soon. No way, no how. Well, first of all, the pandemic continues to rage completely out of control in this country. Our current president is doing absolutely nothing to tame it. My family, and my children, have a moral responsibility to protect others right now. This trumps their need for social interaction. My kids can miss a season, or even a year of their social life, in order to protect the most vulnerable among us, and to do their part in slowing the spread of this deadly virus.

My children understand that, and I believe I am teaching them an important lesson in kindness and morality. They are learning about resilience and adaptation as well, other important life lessons. But besides everyone else, I am worried sick about my children or my family contracting this virus. Still, children have diedmany of whom have underlying conditions. Both of my kids have asthma.

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My little one was rushed to the hospital with an asthma attack about a year ago. I will not allow my children to get a novel respiratory infection right now, one that primarily targets the lungs.

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But death is not my only concern. It means potential long-term lung and breathing issues. It means potential heart damage. It means being incapacitated for sometimes months on end. Would I want that for either me, my husband, or my children? Absolutely not. As much as I believe my children need social interaction, and are starved for it, there is no way in hell I would potentially infect them with a deadly virus, just for a playdate or two.

When you compare the potential gain for a playdate vs. I think that if two kids meet up outside, with masks, and with social distancing, a playdate could be safe. But how in hell do two kids do that and actually have a decent time? Not only that, but how do I know that the child who they interact with would comply? Yes, that likely means a vaccine, or a reliable treatment so that deaths and long term damage are extremely rare.

We will wait for as long as it takes for that to happen, even if that means another season or two, or more. And we will be okay. Because as much as this totally sucks in every way for my children, and as much as I have seen them suffer, they are actually adapting to this life with more strength and resilience than I expected them to.

They make me proud with how well they are doing despite it all. Sunday afternoon play date one day, before they know it, this whole nightmare will be over, and their social lives will return. My younger son will go visit his neighbor friend again on a Sunday afternoon, and come home with a warm plate of chocolate chip cookies that they baked together.

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Sunday afternoon play date

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