Still looking for a relationship

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Disappointing someone is tough. Most of us will do somersaults to avoid the uncomfortable interaction of telling someone the opposite of what they want to hear, particularly when it involves romantic feelings. The best way to approach this topic is early on. Whatever the situation, focusing on feelings and needs will help prevent it from escalating into an argument. You could leave it at that or you could go into more detail, helping the other person understand your perspective.

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In some cases, taking time to explain how you feel can help them better accept your decision and move on. It can also communicate a degree of respect and care for their feelings. If it shifts into unhealthy territory where the other person is trying to change your mind or make you feel bad, for example blaming or guilting you for your decision, end the conversation.

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Your needs are always valid and taking care of yourself is something you should never have to apologize for or be made to feel bad about. All you have to go on is how you feel and what you need today. Our workshops start life-changing conversations.

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Use our powerful films and discussion guides to transform relationships in your community. Healthy relationships. Share Host a workshop Our workshops start life-changing conversations. Teach One Love.

Still looking for a relationship

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I am looking for a serious relationship le to marriage. It's amazing to build a good family with wife and kids where are you?