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Last Updated on August 6, You might be reading this post because you are blessed with a beautiful baby girl! Holding your little angel in your hands is one of the best things that can happen in your life. And, to add more charm and luck to the moment, you should give your baby the right name. Finding perfect and uncommon Spanish girl names is not an easy job. Here are a few interesting girl names inspired by a variety of cultures and traditions around Spain. This name is quite common in the country. History claims that the name is given to babies who Single lady wants her Spain charming once soldiers.

They cared for and washed wounded men. There is lots of nobility behind this name. However, it is a great name for a bold and beautiful girl. This means famous and bright. If you are tired of common names like Alyssa and Alice, Alisa is a great choice. Nevertheless, this name has not inspired many girl parents. Once again, this name carries so much value and meaning. It is the name of a city. And, the name originated from a Virgin Saint who belonged to Madrid. Parents who are interested in giving their baby girl a sassy and fun-loving name would choose this one.

Though the name means happiness, it is rarely used in the country. Well, it could be because the name is of Latin origin! Another strong, meaningful name in this list would be Bethania. So, are you ready to crown your baby girl the day she is born? If yes, you will find this name interesting. Born into your family, your little girl is going to enjoy a great level of freedom! This means a famous warrior. Though Coco has a French origin, it is quite famous amongst the Spanish. After all, Coco represents a renowned fashion legend. The name means popular and original.

The name Denisa is derived from Dionysus, which originated in Greece. The name means unmeasurable bliss. And, history reveals that people with this name are often pleasure-seekers and always peaceful.

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Dona is a wonderful name, but it is rarely used by parents. Well, that is a puzzle yet to be figured. This name means respectful and a supreme lady. It is the feminine version of don. This name has a Hebrew origin. It translates to God is my Judge.

If you are planning to raise your girl in the direction of God and his love, Dania is a wonderful name, to begin with. If yes, Damita is a perfect choice.

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This name originated in Spain. And, it means little lady or baby princess. Is your little one an answer to your thousand prayers? If yes, name her Elia. And, it is a great way of telling thanks to your Lord. If you are a traveler, you will know how famous Ema is around the world. This is quite similar to Emily.

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Undeniably, this is a daring name for a baby girl. Well, that is why you should consider this name. This Spanish name translates to the lighthouse.

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The talk of meaningful Spanish names will be incomplete without this one. For centuries, people have named their girls Felica. And, that is for a reason. This name directly translates to fortunate. And, now we know why Felica is famous. Another Spanish name that means fortunate is Felicidad. It also means merry. If you consider your baby girl as good luck which she certainly isyou should try this name. Faustina means bringer of wonderful, good luck. Purification is the meaning of this wonderful name.

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Once again, this name has a history that dates back by several centuries. Whenever a family wants to show its loyalty to God, they give their newborn girls this name. A wonderful bible name that brings hope and light to many.

This name can be given to little girls too. Getting means so much. It is a battle that is won the day your baby is delivered. Girl or boy, you need to celebrate the moment. And, that is why a baby girl can always be named as Garaitz, which means victory. As anticipated, this name translates to Grace. It is the Spanish variation for the very common, feminine name.

The name means wit, graciousness, and charm. Your daughter will mean the world to you.

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So, give her a name that is out of this world. Herminia means lady of the earth. Did your baby girl spread a message of love? Certainly yes! And, that is why many parents give this special name to their little one. It translates to messenger.

Someone as beautiful as an angel should be given the name beautifully. And, that is what Hermosa means. You can give this powerful name to girls too. After all, this name translates to honorable, which means the same for both boys and girls. This a Spanish name with a Greek origin. It means Peace. Irene is the Greek Goddess of peace. Isabella is a stylish name for baby girls. In the past few years, this name has become extremely famous. In the yearthis was one of the most used names for baby girls.

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This is a variation of Elizabeth. The name means Devoted to God. Another name derived from Elizabeth would be Isabel. This is a royal name in different parts of Portugal and Spain. Imelda was a renowned fighter from the 14th century. Imelda means a powerful or warrior woman. The female name for Jupiter is Jovena. When given to girls, this means a ruler. If you want a name that is equivalent to John, you should pick this. The talk about feminine names will be incomplete without this one. Juliana means youthful. And, that is why you should give them a colorful name.

Well, this is what Jacinta means. Then, pick an alternative name. Katia is a Spanish alternative to Catherine. It is important to teach your baby girl to be strong at all times. And, sometimes it is important to give them a strong name. Kemena means strong. A true classic which can never become boring.

Laura means victory and honor. This represents the sweet bay tree alias laurel. The name Lea means weary or meadow.

Single lady wants her Spain charming

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