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If you're looking for a spicy tuna roll with a side of breasts and awkward conversation, look no further than the practice of nyotaimori.

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Despite its voyeuristic nature, eating sushi off a naked woman's body is a respected tradition in Japanese culture, dating as far back as the early s. Through Westernization, it has also become an increasingly popular bachelor party trend and drawn criticism from those who label the event as objectifying, degrading and anti-feminist.

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Before you decide where you stand, here's what you need to know:. The country was fragmented into multiple states with samurai defending their respective regions.

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In both past and present times, its visual appeal is considered an art form. Proponents appreciate the marriage of food and sensuality, claiming that it heightens the overall culinary experience to feast from a living, breathing, beautiful thing.

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Traditionally, these women are toned muscles keep the sushi in place and skilled at remaining perfectly still for up to three or four hours. Becoming a human dinner plate also requires the participant to bathe with fragrance-free soap and lower her body temperature. The latter can be accomplished by rinsing in cold water. There are obvious health concerns, but most nyotaimori happenings adhere to strict guidelines that ensure the sushi never makes contact with the body There are exceptions where sushi is placed directly on models.

Women are typically covered with bamboo leaves, flowers and even plastic wrap to serve as a barrier between skin and salmon skin roll.

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The sexual objectification of women is probably the most obvious. Spoiler alert: she enjoys her side career and her experiences don't smell fishy. By Joey Skladany Updated July 11, Save FB Tweet More. Close in.

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