Sex house in Tucson

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Bartender: Vodka. Love it or hate it -- not much in-between at this notorious dive picturesquely located on Tucson's old tourist strip.

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Yes, sensitive souls crossing the threshhold may be challenged. Proprietor Jim Anderson calls himself God with what-else-would-my-name-be dementia. No words can adequately describe the Meet Rack experience. For starters, the bars motto is "Something to offend everyone.

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The layout is simple: a bar reminiscent of Cheers set in the center and a pool table off in back. Covering the walls are segments from Jim's life: his run for mayor, posing with various celebrities, and the creepy oil portraits of his family the eyes seem to follow you. A sure that you are in a classy bar: Multiple pairs of panties hanging from the ceiling. The crowd is incredibly diverse depending on the day of the week or the phase of the moon ranging from post-preppy college kids to grizzled locals. You can get the usual beers or strange mixed drinks with lewd sexual names.

All liquors are Brand X. Expect the food quality to be on par with the alcohol selection. Put in a few quarters and pick your lucky s. The age as in Emergency Exit may appear hand-written on masking tape, so stay sober enough to read same. Ladies, do not, I repeat, do NOT use the condom machine in the loo unless you want the entire bar to find out that you did.

Consider yourself cautioned. There have been a grand total of brands seared into various people so far, one even took him on the People's Court saying she was branded against her will. The bar has other surprises in store for the first timer. I won't ruin them for you they need to be experienced first hand. Go up Sex house in Tucson bartender and say it is your first time here. Prepare yourself to be astonished and amused.

You must visit the Meet Rack at least once. Where else can you have an enlightened conversation with God, get branded, and visit a cheesy sex dungeon?

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The bar opened in the s as Big Ben. In the s it was called B and up to a few years ago it was called Someplace Else. Jim's daughter Halley behind the bar in the milkmaid outfit is the current owner.

Sex house in Tucson

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The Meet Rack