Red wing hang gliding club

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BHPA Registered Schools are monitored for safety, the quality of the training they offer, and the equipment they use, and their instructors are d by the Association. Hang gliders are unpowered wings that can be launched from hills or winches, or launched by being towed aloft behind a microlight aircraft. A hang glider can be turned into a powered hang glider by using a specially deed hang glider harness fitted with lightweight 2-stroke engine. A paramotor or powered paraglider PPG consists of a small motor driving a propeller, worn like a backpack under a paraglider wing.

Parascending pilots fly canopies that are towed into the air by a Land Rover or winch before gliding back down to land.

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Speed flying is a sport based on the principles of paragliding, but using a specially deed wing to fly fast hill descents. A powered hang glider consists of a light weight motor driving a propeller that is fitted to a specially deed hang glider harness, in which the pilot is suspended under a hang gliding wing. It is also possible to use human power to take off from level ground and fly specially constructed ultra light weight aircraft.

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If you're planning to visit a country in the European Union EUyour existing European Health Insurance Card can still be used to gain access to state healthcare up to its expiry date. This means that you can get healthcare at a reduced cost or for free. Further information about what your card covers in each EU country is available on the European Union website.

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For example it will not cover mountain rescue or being flown back to the UK medical repatriation. You should therefore make sure you also have suitable travel insurance, and that it includes health cover for the activities you are planning to undertake.

The International Pilot Proficiency Information Card provides a standard reference by which all national rating programs may be compared.

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Note that Safe Pro is for hang gliding and Para Pro is for paragliding. IPPI cards cannot be issued to tow pilots unless they hold the appropriate "hill" endorsement. In the last few years there have been serious problems in the Italian Dolomites, particularly the Canazei-Col Rodella-Pordoi-Marmolada area. The FIVL have therefore put the following rules in place to improve the situation:.

Pilots should note that a hovering helicopter may not have reached its target; it may be waiting for pilots to clear the area. Flying in the Dolomites is under serious threat if these rules are not adhered to. Any damage or danger to rescue helicopters caused by free fliers will see the Dolomites area closed to us. Pilots attending courses for post CP training eg. XC courses and SIV training should satisfy themselves as to the quality of instruction on offer.

There are no BHPA instructor qualifications or training syllabi for these activities. For further information please download our leaflets on SIV courses and Training for qualified pilots. A of companies offering overseas Holidays and Guiding and Advanced Cources are listed in our links directory.

Learn to fly.

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Learn to Fly Find your nearest school View schools map List all schools. Hang Gliding and Powered Hang Gliding. Paragliding and Paramotoring.

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Paragliders are unpowered wings that can be launched from hills or winches. Parascending Parascending Schools.

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Speed Flying. Powered Flight. Hang gliding: Elementary.

Red wing hang gliding club

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Major Vivek Mundkur: Making hang gliding a popular sport in India