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Lisbon Printable View. Show post s from this thread on one of First Last Jump to :. I would really like to last longer when facing these amazing ladies. Relax Corpo and New Lux are easy to understand. For Jardim, you need to click on the Contact icon to see the phone. The New Center website has been down for a long time. However, even after the website went down, guys reported that it is open and they just walked to the address and knocked on the door.

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There was a banner over the door that says "New Center" when those reviewers went there. So to the best of my knowledge the place is still open. I linked to an old phone book directory that had the phone .

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You can try it and see if it works if you feel a need to call instead of just Port Lisbon sex tonight up. Will be there tomorrow. Are the prices, for example listed in Jardin site for full service? None of the reviews of Jardim on the local gp-[URL]pt. Upselling is not part of the sex work culture in Lisbon and the local guys would definitely mention it in negative terms if upsells occurred. The local reviews of Jardim are not really outstanding, but some of them are good. It seems that about half or more of the ladies at Jardim are CBJ, and most of the locals easily obtain BBBJ from the many reviewed independents offering incall at lower prices.

So the walk-in brothels in general don't get a tremendous of reviews on the local board. In fact, one of them specifically mentions that no upsell occurred. That guy paid a little more, but based on how many times he came, it appears he bought a longer block of time, and he was pleased with the place and said the girl he was with was beautiful.

His report. Mentions that she got mad when he came in her mouth during the BBBJ. One of the other reviews of the place was by the poster Zozimus, who is the master of identifying the low-priced incall brothels of Madrid. If he got upsold, he would have told us.

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Another guy who reviewed Jardim always Matou, a Frenchman who goes for the lower priced Lisbon ladies, and I think he would have revealed any upselling. You can look at posts, and to read those reviews. The posts at and around give details regarding the address. There is one poster who claims that Jardim has an upcharge for sex. But that is inconsistent with the other reviews. If you go, let us know. If they ask how you heard about them, you might want to say gp-[URL]pt. It never hurts to put a few extra euros in your pocket when you go there, just in case. Gents, Reading the Lisbon forum is a treat, it is good to see a forum that is as positive and well informed as this one.

I hope that my inquiry does not lower those standards. I haven't been in Lisbon in more than 15 years and that was just a short visit. I have read back a few s to get a flavor of the offerings in Lisbon, and it appears that the outcall and even incall scene is vibrant. I am wondering if there are also clubs or lounges that are well known for their ability to attract ladies that are interested in supplementing their income in exchange for providing good companionship.

I have some experience with this in other locations such as Barcelona, Sao Paulo, and all over Asia of course, but didn't know if this type of club scene exists in Lisbon. The other question is whether or there is an easy way to access the independent network of Providers in Lisbon. Thanks in advance for any information you care to share, either publicly or by PM. I will add a report of my adventures as well. I know that Sunday evenings can be problematic on occasion, but I will arrive on the morning of the 8th. Sky Rider, The Gallery Club is your best bet if you want a club. Its old competitor, the White Elephant, was supposed to reopen.

But the latest applicable post on the local gp-[URL]pt. There are not a ificant of posts on the local board of the place, in comparison to the thousands of posts a year for independent escorts and escort agencies. There does not appear to be a ificant "hotel hooker bar" market in Lisbon, so in the "must see and interact with it before I have sex with it" world, the Gallery, which serves food and alcohol, seems to be the place to go. I haven't been there, and honestly the club concept baffles me. I say this not as a criticism, but just to point out that the reports consistently indicate that the amount paid by customers of the Gallery is generally higher than the amount paid for escorts, relatively more of the reviews indicate that a CBJ instead of a BBBJ was received once the guy got her back to the hotel, and it is not a certainty that the lady isn't an escort who also works independently or for an agency.

Some of the reports Port Lisbon sex tonight the local board indicate that posters sometimes recognize known escorts at the Gallery, which isn't surprising since so many of them use electronic devices to manage appointments. She can book a session for the next day on her phone with another customer while waiting for you to walk over and buy her a burger and drink tonight, and to make her an offer for sex tonight. Why wouldn't she try to get top dollar while minimizing her service level?

Port Lisbon sex tonight has published rates, which are pretty low compared to the rest of Europe, on her website or her agency's website, and she needs to provide a high level of service to get good reviews as an advertised escort.

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She doesn't have any such pressure in her "Gallery persona". To each his own, but I just don't think you are getting something better at a club in comparison to reading the reviews and booking someone online, other than getting the club experience and ambiance. I prefer escort services in Bangkok, where you have done some posts. The guys there will tell you that many of the escorts you book are actually club girls who head out of the club Port Lisbon sex tonight their mopeds and go to your hotel after the agency sends them a text in the old days it was when their r went off in their purses.

That may be correct, but my response is that if I deal with an escort service or with an online independent, I can find out exactly what her services are. I don't want to do a Borat imitation in a Bangkok club trying to ask her in English or broken Thai whether she offers anal sex, while everyone watches me enunciate "anal sex" slowly and carefully.

I think the principle that most sex workers use multiple venues to get customers is the same all over the world. With Lisbon, I suspect the clubs are often the opportunity for many sex workers to get their last customer of the day. Of course I could be wrong. You might get a few civilian ladies, such as female schoolteachers, having a late night romp to supplement their incomes. But I suspect that is the exception, not the rule. It is exactly the kind of info I was looking for.

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I, like you, have found a better level of service in BKK using escort agencies for the most part, but also have a lot better idea of what is expected in BKK. I thought that was partly due to the fact that acquiring a companion by walking into a bar where the choices ed more than a or so put pressure on the girls to perform better when I only made a phone call and didn't meet them before agreeing to the agencies pricing. Having said that, I have also found on occasion that what is "agreed to" in the club doesn't mean it will take place in the room.

I Port Lisbon sex tonight visit the web you provided, and see that the place is not even open on Sunday's so, I think I will make a list of possible choices from the agency reviews here and see whom might be available on a Sunday afternoon or evening. I haven't even looked to see if Locanto has a presence in Lisbon or not. I had hope to enjoy an afternoon at the Port Institute, sampling port and smoking a cigar or two, but see that is also closed on Sunday.

I will have to find another way to satisfy that particular craving! Again, I appreciate your input! The official "places", including the walk-in brothels and clubs, are closed on Sundays. The few reports on ISG of the lower-end classified have been quite negative and somewhat dangerous. The ladies on Apartadox are safe and much, much higher class. They get reviews on gp-[URL]pt. In recent posts, three are mentioned in the 60 euro for half-hour and euro per hour range, who are in their 20's.

If you like Milfs, look at Kama's posts of recommended ladies in that same price range. If you are okay with outcall and you would have to take club girls back to your hotel anyway, my recent posts list 10 or so highly recommended ladies from Escortprivada at least four of whom get nothing but great reviews who are euros an hour, and there are many other posts of similar independents on Apartadox offering outcall at euros an hour.

It is up to you, but I just can't see why you would search for shady "Back" type classified and see an unreviewed lady when all this information on this thread is available to you. Some escorts also take Sunday off unless you have made an appointment in advance. Several posters gave had difficulty trying to contact someone at the last minute on Sunday, so you may want to plan ahead. I haven't even looked to see if Locanto has a presence in Lisbon or not. So tonight was my first attempt in Lisbon. Made a few newbie mistakes.

First, I didn't schedule something early with either of the two I was messaging and 2nd I did not realize places close early. But at around 11 pm I tried Jardim Port Lisbon sex tonight getting an answer on phone. There were two buttons on 3rd floor so based on post I tried left. Got buzzed in. Was dark and desolate, felt like I was in Netflix Marvel Daredevil spinoff and about to get robbed and murdered but got off on 3rd floor and all was ok. One girl answered saying she was only one.

At that point I was at a point of little choice. Gave me a quick back massage then started using hand. Was about to get a condom for BJ and I said no. Then I told her to get condom for sex and she tried to upsell me Again, I said no. We fucked in a few positions, finished and left. The girl said she was 39 and she kind of looked it.

But her body was good, with nice silicon boobs. She showed me her profile to contact her again which is definitely not reality. Thanks for confirming what some of us have been concerned about.

Port Lisbon sex tonight

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