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This is a picture that a volunteer took just after we gave this girl a rose and told her they had somewhere for her to go to be safe and to get help. The Phoenix Dream Center is a C 3 nonprofit committed to stopping human trafficking, fighting drug addiction and ending childhood hunger. Check out this video to see what is achieved each year through the work of the Phoenix Dream Center. Check out our list of resources including how you can learn more about life recovery housing options at the Phoenix Dream Center. The single greatest need we see at this time is the need to be able to recover more human trafficking survivors.

In order to do this, we need to open more beds. The best way to learn more about our human trafficking program is to check out the resources we have on this website. You can also up to volunteer or to attend a Tuesday or Saturday tour and learn more there. We need volunteers, supporters, advocates and organizers of all types! We offer a free personality match quiz that will help match you to one of these areas. In response to a large of shelters and safe house programs that have stopped taking in victims of human trafficking due to COVID, the Phoenix Dream Center has decided to safely continue to serve trafficked individuals, without discrimination to their current health condition, so long as our advising medical professionals deem it is safe for our campus to provide those services.

For example, we believe that a young girl who is trapped in the violent, life threatening abuse of human trafficking who happens to have COVID still deserves to be recovered and helped — and we are going to help her. We will provide her with safe housing including isolated services so that any illness she has does not affect other girls who are also healing. The medical professionals we work with at the Phoenix Dream Center have outlined a plan for us to be able to safely serve individuals with COVID and we have decided to follow that plan.

Thank you for wanting to make a donation! We gladly accept new and gently used items at our campus anytime. No, all addiction recovery and human trafficking recovery housing services are free to the individual. Overhead for housing and program costs are provided for Phoenix dream girl our gracious Phoenix dream girl donors, private and public grants and business revenue. To become a life-changing supporter of this work. Best Way To Get Help: www. Best Way To : www. Box Phoenix, AZ In Arizona, 1 in 3 at-risk and homeless youth have been trafficked.

And the average age that is first trafficked in Arizona is just years-old 8th and 9th graders. Since our human trafficking program has been committed to providing trauma informed housing, behavioral health, medical health, education and career services to young women from all over the nation. With 48 beds for young women and 12 beds for young men, this program is one of the largest of its kind in the nation. Maybe you saw a human trafficking story and want to help out at a place that is truly making a difference. You can us on outreaches to human trafficking victims, at-risk youth, neighborhood outreaches to low income families and outreaches to help the homeless.

us on any of outreaches to reach victims of human trafficking, at-risk youth, the homeless and needy families of our community. The authority by which the Christian leader le is not power but love, not force but example, not coercion but reasoned persuasion. Housing arrangements include dorm housing, food, transportation and access to tons of other support services on the Phoenix Dream Center Campus.

Last Name. Address 2. This includes all donations made Phoenix dream girl the website, PayPal, and donations sent in through the mail. Here are a few of the great projects that Virtual Volunteers have done. Stopping human trafficking Ending childhood hunger Educating tomorrow's leaders.

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See all. Learn More. In we found this year-old being trafficked on the streets of Phoenix.

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They found her while doing inner-city outreach to at-risk youth. It changed their lives forever. After Phoenix dream girl her the emergency medical help she needed, they scrambled to prepare a room for her at the Phoenix Dream Center and welcomed her in.

Brian and Skye now live every day on a mission to Stop Human Trafficking. This girl they helped in has now graduated college, is married and they are STILL in contact with her. This was the start of the human trafficking recovery program at the Phoenix Dream Center. Since its opening, the human trafficking recovery program has served over girls and young women. Most of those Phoenix dream girl and young women have been between the ages of 13 and 26 years old.

Get the latest human trafficking-related news stories, police reports, government council reports, safety guides, and incredible stories of rescue and recovery. The Fight. Something is wrong with your submission. The abuse from my childhood affected me for a long time. I made terrible choices and ended up with a guy who began to traffick me, just like my mother. The Dream Center helped me to see a new future for myself and my baby. I'm so thankful for all that they've done to help me be a good mom and have a good life. No child should be abused like Kelle was. The pain of abuse often haunts kids for years.

And, it can take years of healing to get over the abuse, if they ever do. Kelle beat the odds and found healing and restoration at the Phoenix Dream Center. up to get these inspirational stories. Send me Stories of Lives Being Changed. Get The Stories. With your help we will do even more! How can I get help for myself or someone I know?

What is the single greatest need you have right now? You can be a part of helping even more girls get recovered out of human trafficking. Make a donation of any amount to a project happening now that will expand more beds for girls.

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How can I learn more about your human trafficking program? I want to help the human trafficking program, how do I get started? How can I volunteer or help out in some other way? We are a heavily volunteer driven organization and we need your help! There are several ways to donate. You can also mail in your donation to: Phoenix Dream Center P.

How can I make a financial contribution? How can I make a donation of goods or services? Is there any charge for the life recovery program services? What is the contact information for the Phoenix Dream Center? I have a different question but it's not listed here. Coming out of horrendous circumstances with completely broken lives, we are seeing young women's lives Phoenix dream girl around in an almost miraculous fashion through the leading-edge programs. Volunteers drive all that we do and individual donors make it all possible!

Make A Donation. More Information. Service to others is one of the greatest honors we have as Christians. It's not that we have to serve or that we need to serve, it's that we GET to serve.

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Brian D. Steele Executive Director. Go ahead, take a step toward your passion today! It's not just our job to minister to other peoples' needs. We also have to minister to their potential. Tommy Barnett Dream Center Founder. In the newest program at the Phoenix Dream Center is the Christian Leadership School which serves to train and equip young people to do the work of the ministry.

The Leadership School at the Phoenix Dream Center helps young adults discover their potential and purpose while building a solid foundation of Godly character and servant leadership while also earning college credit. Stop Trafficking Shirt. Get This Shirt.

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Not For Sale Shirt. With this shirt you can tell the world that girls and boys are not for sale! We Stand For Her Shirt. Shirt showing that you stand with survivors who have not yet been rescued.

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Make this donation monthly. Credit Card PayPal. Our administrative overhe costs are covered by business revenue and a private grant. Ever thought of Virtual Volunteering? Jennifer led a group of students to change legislation for human trafficking survivors Dr.

Musharraf started an office donation drive helping dozens of trafficking survivors Rachel and her friends send encouraging notes to trafficking survivors who are healing No waiting for lengthy background and reference checks No travel needed so skip the traffic to downtown Phoenix Flexible volunteer times - on your schedule Deeply meaningful real time reporting on your projects. Check Out Virtual Volunteering.

Phoenix dream girl

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