Newly single after 10 years

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So here you are again: newly single. For some that's great! You finally get your life back and you get it back on your terms!

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It's fantastic! But for others, especially if that relationship ended on a sour note, being newly single feels rough. If that's the case, it can be hard to get out there, put on your game face, and bounce back. Breakups are not easy, even the ones that look easy, still have a bit of pain entangled in them. But while there's an art to breaking up with someone, there isn't an art as to figuring out what happened. We live in a culture where things like ghosting may not be acceptable, but happen all the time.

We live in a culture where people don't feel obligated to explain themselves as to why they've ended things. Maybe it's because they're insensitive, or maybe they simply don't even know the reason themselves. No one ever said relationships were easy. So while you're bound to get input from everyone once you're newly single, here are 10 things from experts that nobody tells you about being newly single, but probably should.

With every loss, no matter how big or small, mourning periods can help.

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You will get a lot of advice when you're newly single, but that doesn't mean you have to listen. It's actually amazing how much advice people will give you and how much some of it can cause more damage than good. With all of the dating apps and seemingly endless options, finding someone of quality is difficult. If you're having a tough time, remember that your grief is necessary. You might feel that this is a weakness of your character — and it's not.

It's part of the process of uncoupling from a living and breathing entity called relationship. As Fehr explains, don't beat yourself up about it or label yourself weak.

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Journaling is powerful too. Although time heals, in its own way, it can't do it on its own. It need a nudge from you and some effort. As Fehr points out, journaling is a great way to do that. If writing isn't your thing, then try painting — anything creative that's going to drive that person, that loss, that sadness out of your bones.

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Research has found that the way love affects the brain is very similar to the way cocaine affects our brain. Because of this, withdrawal isn't just a normal response, but an expected response to such a loss. You will miss your person terribly. You will experience a range of emotions from anger to sadness to joy. It's important to know and expect this — and not to dismiss the process. Have physical outlets to be able to move some of the withdrawal energy through.

Journaling also works to move through the energy that arises in withdrawal. You have no idea just how comforting a sleepover is until you're newly single — and you're old enough to buy wine. The first thing I do when newly single is get the hell out of town. I don't want to walk down those streets we used to walk down, I don't want to possible run into him or his friends — I want out.

So, I sublet my apartment and go. Novelty increases dopamine which can make you feel better. Getting out of routine and being in a different place can also help you gain some perspective.

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Taking a solo trip can also be really empowering. If you think you're ready to get back out there datingeven if it's just as a way to entertain or distract yourself, then go for it. Obviously context matters. If you expect to be mistreated, then yes, take some time off to work on your self-worth, otherwise you may dismiss the nice guy [or woman] because you're not used to being respected and treated well.

But if you're feeling ready to get back out there dating, keep those expectations realistic. No one is perfect. We might get dismissed over the smallest and irrelevant of things and not even know it. Allow yourself to feel that directionlessness and disorientation, as they're part of any journey where you change course.

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Know that these are temporary states. When you mourn and complete the past intentionally, you will naturally become ready to de your newly-single life and dream up a future. Trust your resilience and the possibility of more. In other words, you will get over this. If you haven't already. Being newly single isn't all bad. It doesn't just have some benefitsbut it gives you a chance to grow and learn. By Amanda Chatel.

Newly single after 10 years

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