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Torn between 2 lovers!! Ive been in an succesful international relationship for over 2 years now. I have recently taken an American lover that Ive been seeing for 3 months now. My steady International will be returning to the U. Im usually very good at ending flings with little apparent fault on me by dropping some ve that are guaranteed to make the man cool his heart.

But I really care for this guy I want to be hon try to come out friends instead of just shedding him forgetting him as I have done in the past with other menwhat to do? Thank god. Yes, he knew. I have never kept him a secret, but America still wanted to spend time with me be close to me regardless. Hes very open to whatever may happen. I will do exactly as you say. I really needed an extra opinion as I can sometimes be construed as cold-hearted weak see opinionateds postI really wanted to know what a normal person would do in my situation. Makes perfect sense, I thank you so much.

I single. Thats why God gave women. Such feet. But I must admit, your confidence and self-awareness is very attractive. I also admit. Im a man magnet, Im not even an anorexic blonde dressed in tight leather pants. Dont even wear make-up! Its gotta be your attitude. I just posted Need ass tonight personal my first ever. That would blow my cover We may already be acquainted on another plane of CL. Can you put the link here? No one else will pay attention.

I went to bed. BE HON with both people.

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How do you do this so much? Mon dieu! Quel post!! Some people see me as a slut, but I far from it. Im just extremely appreciative of my freedom.

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You see, I not married have not made vows of exclusivity to anyone. I have some problems with monogamy but I do feel sex is a special thing to be shared with someone you really care for. Its also a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon a very good cramp reliever. I hope I dont get anything biological too! Those are very real risks for someone like me, I do keep that in mind. Most women I know do feel like goody two shoes compared to me because I more like a man in many ways. I dont see myself as not nice, Im just very comfortable confident with myself ballarat ghost tours step with the doomed ktm rc8r reliability.

Some people do consider me cold calculating.

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That I just use men to my advantage then throw them away. I guess that is true in a way, but I like to cut through the crap get to the meat of the matter faster than most people. Youd really have to meet me to come to any real conclusions about me. Im a hard case to categorize. But YOU. Your attempts at obtaining relationships Cannonvale 2 bedroom apartments in fairmont wv dont end in failure. They end with you having more experience information to into your next encounter.

May be if you were a little bit more open, less judjemental and Need ass tonight, your love life would not be so bad. By the way, you can catch an STD in mono relationship as well. You might think that your lover is all yours and you have unprotected sex wuith him her in the mean time, your lover is having ses with someone elce and their dog.

It is better when everything in in the open and precuastion used by all. Watch your language! And dont make general cliche statements on French Gals please. Decidemment quelle reputation nous avons!!!!! Sounds like your heart isnt totally comminted. But well everyone loves in there own way and all love is good. So thats tough you basicly want to tell a guy he isnt good enough now that someone eles is around.

I dont know of any way that isnt going to hurt him. Sorry I guess this isnt very helpful. I dont love with my heart. I love with my head. Maybe thats my problem. Im not sentimental enough. And youre right, there will be some minor emotional carnage.

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I really want to turn this into a learning productive experience for all involved in my little chess game of emotions. You want to hurt!? Whats your name so I know to steer clear of you! On the real though, there is a positive and a negative to everything.

NKs approach has its ups and downs too. If so, go for it, but if it Need ass tonight in your nature I think it would just make things worse. I think. She has never been hurt emotionally. Well Nastassia. I think it is good to keep your head when love strikes I still hold out that whatever your are feeling is not love.

But good luck to you. Americans are naive romantics or so Ive heard from international friends and America might have thought he could take it, but might find that he reacts differently to the reality of it. I think you knew this when you posted, as youve relied on ve which it sounds like you are beginning to outgrow and you are now wanting to act with more integrity see what happens.

The naive romanticism of Americans is part of their charm and so, if he reacts that way, realize that that was part of what attracted you to him in the first place and allow him to be who he is, even if it makes you uncomfortable. That is what I would say. That is part of what you are learning about love this lifetime, to let each be their own including yourself.

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Very perceptive, Bagheera. I think America did bite off a bit more that he can chew. Men always say they are cool with a part-time deal then grab at my ankles desperately as I walk awaywhat is up with that? I feel it may be too late to withdraw the — Americas flaws are gaping larger looming before me like putrid, worm-eaten, rotten apples. I turning systematically critical short with him. His voice that once reminded me of sweet, molasses now sounds like the incoherent whine of the filthy mosquito. I will keep your words in my thoughts try try try to not let the patterns of the past determine my future now.

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Thanks for listening. Look at yourself BagHag. Oh Boy. Seems we have Trolls everywhere today. Stroke it babyyeah. Go Tell it on the Mountain! Over the hills and every where. Ive been warned. I see.

Need ass tonight

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