Need a solid woman

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Well, historically speaking — more powerful!

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There was a when women had a good reason to lock it down with a man, because they were hunters, providers and protectors? Even then, some of them choose to take the lead and get their own shit done.

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In this day and age with reports and studies as proof women are a sizable chunk of the workforce and women are a few steps ahead in education too. According to a study published infor every 2 men that graduate, there are 3 women who do the same.

We may not need men but that does not mean that we hate men and yes, we do want happy relationships. However, the trick lies in understanding the disparity between wanting and needing. Do we want a man in our lives? Maybe not!

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So, please validate us by agreeing that our anger is justified… because without that, we might just crumble and die. Tracy Ann. The Conversation Start a conversation, not a fire. Post with kindness.

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Need a solid woman

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