Nasty Kansas girls

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A nasty letter left in a Nebraska mother's mailbox targeted her four and five year-old daughters. The letter addresses children's bikes left out in the yard. Right after reading the first words she was stunned at what had been left for them. In the letter the author explains how they just had knee surgery and that they somehow "fell badly" over little Rylee and Lily's bikes. Their bikes are now gone.

The letter writer says they "trashed" them to teach the girls a lesson. The family says the bikes weren't even on the public sidewalk but that they were just to the side of it on their private walkway. That's just horrible," said mom. For some reason the author even added racial slurs to the handwritten note.

A version of the N word was used to Nasty Kansas girls the children. Frye was baffled. She thinks the person was deeply angered and is scared that anger may translate to more than just verbal aggression. Frye has reported the letter and the theft to the Blair Police Department. She says she hopes this was just a one-time anger-fueled thing. Or anyone's mailbox! Nichole tells WOWT that she has no clue who could have written the letter. She wishes the neighbor would have just been able to talk to her in person in a calm manner.

For now she's keeping a close eye on where the girls play. The mother also explained that the girls often like to go out and get the mail for them. She's glad they didn't come across the letter themselves. Storm Call. Eye on NE Kansas. Newscasts. Latest Newscasts. Kansas Prep Zone. Scholar Athlete Nomination Form. Find a Vaccine. ature Stories. Salute Our Heroes.

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Police officers escape injury while responding to turnpike crash in southeast Topeka. Topeka Zoo prepares to say goodbye to oldest animal in the park. Driver identified in fatal crash along I in Dickinson Co. Emporia man behind bars after Thursday night police chase, standoff.

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Kansas High Court disbars Topeka lawyer after fatal hit and run. Latest News. More Marines arrive in Kabul to aid urgent embassy airlift.

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Crews cleaning up structure fire in Emporia. Man sets restaurant on fire over soda dispute, police say.

Nasty Kansas girls

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