Men ready sex moms

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Everything changes after baby—including sex. Here are a few tips for d to help get their partners in the mood for sex after pregnancy and childbirth.

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Face it, fellas, we dudes have needs. The challenge?

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Thanks to a host of reasons—both biological and emotional—your wife almost definitely is not on the same. Here are some tips for weathering the inevitable post-baby sex-drought, and our suggestions for putting yourself in line to old habits as quickly, painlessly and comfortably as possible. Your partner faces a similar situation after having a. Emotionally, some women are ready sooner; others take an extra few weeks—or months.

A study in the Journal of Family Practice indicated that the average time before resuming intercourse was seven weeks. Still, as Davidson notes, all women rebound differently, and each woman rebounds differently with each baby. In a nutshell, practice patience. Ask her how you can support her best. Listen, and demonstrate understanding. Follow her lead. In many cases, this can be a manifestation of exhaustion and stress. Some studies also suggest that testosterone levels drop after a man becomes a father. In other cases, these feelings can indicate something more serious: namely, postpartum depression yes, this can exist in men, too.

Morse suggests that men who feel disinterested should try to communicate about their feelings—if not to their partners, then to close friends. Tackle the laundry. Shop for groceries.

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Fatigue is not exactly the best environment for resuscitating an otherwise dormant sex life. One day, you might cry yes, gents, cry at the mere smell of your new. Being sleep-deprived makes all of us do weird and unpredictable things. In other words, exhaustion can lead to curious behaviors, so be ready to cut both her and yourself some slack. Other ideas: cuddling, back-rubs, foot massage, and more.

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As you get closer to the Big Day or Big Night, as the case may beyou may find your partner requesting that you acquire some new skills. In many cases, biological changes from pregnancy, coupled with the hormonal changes that follow and, of course, that whole breastfeeding thing prompt women to alter their preferences for particular sexual acts. Collins, the midwife, says that some recent moms go so far as to abandon old favorites and demand something new. For us guys, this can be worrisome at first. The bright side? New is often exciting, and almost always fun.

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Fight the urge, boys, and take it slow. Strategically, this approach offers two advantages. First, it almost guarantees at least some degree of endurance on your part as opposed to finishing your part of the bargain…prematurely. Easing back into things also minimizes pressure for both of you, creating a laid-back environment that will enable you and your partner to remain lighthearted about what likely will be a slightly awkward return.

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Men ready sex moms

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A Dad's Guide to Sex After Baby