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All photos of John Couthern were shared by his wife unless otherwise noted. On the night of June 10,convicted sex offender John Lann Couthern allegedly used a Maglite to savagely beat his wife in Willits, California. He fled the scene, cut off his parole-required ankle monitor leaving it on the side of Highway 20, and has not been seen since.

According to the Willits woman who suffered at the hands of Couthern Redheaded Blackbelt has chosen to withhold her name so as not to revictimize herhe was released from a year prison sentence in January She described marrying him in February while he was still incarcerated. Though odd, fatigue took over Married sex Willits the woman recalled returning to her bed.

It was approximately a. Lieutenant Hendry says parole was notified the ankle-monitor had been removed and left on the side of Highway 20 and Couthern could have proceeded west. In the days preceding the brutal attack, she had been informed by a friend in Willits that Couthern was seen at the local Dollar Store buying large amounts of groceries and supplies. In the aftermath of the attack, she recounted a strange decision Couthern made that now makes sense in the light of his disappearance: he dyed his gray hair brown.

Since his release from prison in JanuaryCouthern has been overwhelmed with life outside of the institution. He is clean-shaven and currently has brown hair.

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Collage of truck and plate. He gets out, he beats his wife with a flashlight, he cuts off his ankle bracelet to avoid detection. If the public happens to see him or his vehicle, keep your distance and dial As society crumbles with end stage capitalism, there will only be more. We need each other—we are not meant to live as autonomous individuals.

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Divided we are bested but united what could we not do?? Look at the Aaron Bassler case. Alot of stress and bloodshed would have been avoided if he could have had access to mental health care instead of in and Married sex Willits jail stints. Are you flipping crazy or just a criminal hoping that we end up with no police to protect the innocent. Is that a response? I mean the bad guys are going to exist regardless. But expecting cops to wear so many hats at once, to me, seems like a waste of money. How far was he gonna run. Yeah, well I think that guy was thinking about the last black guy, hand cuffed on his stomach.

So you care about Blue Lives huh? It will be interesting to see if there are other related crimes around the Country, and whats happening with the Black men found hanging from trees in Southern CA. Suspicious AF. The truth will be found out, and people will be brought to justice.

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These are real lives being taken. Om mani padme hum, Justice for Josiah and all others taken from us by the evil sin of extrajudicial killings committed by rotten men. Who you gonna call when someone is pulling you out of your car to steal it or kicking in your front door in the middle of the night. Not all police are bad just like not all black men are drug dealers, robbers or pumps! I use weed instead of prescription morphine and in order to purchase a weapon for self defense Married sex Willits have to break the law.

I dunno. White… Probably is brainwashed into white supremacy and far right politics. Just saying. Wash off a pig, it goes right back to the mud. I have no empathy for rapists and wife beaters. Well…I for one am scared to death for my life! So if I run into him I might -out of an abundance of fright and concern for my own survival- kill him. And by doing so I will have done what our snowflake society should have done in the first place.

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Oral copulation with a minor, kidnapping a mom and her daughter and raping them? Eventually you will have to admit that my constant and insistent comments about bringing back and expanding capital punishment are worth considering.

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There are disgusting and evil predators around- they really do exist! Pick one. You might want to brush up on self defense law as well. I do support life sentences for rapists. I pick…both. He is unpredictable, violent and so yes- he is dangerous. I am very scared! I also think rape of a minor is a serious crime. And kidnapping. This guy should have never Married sex Willits released. Capital punishment needs to be a daily event. How many black men have been released from prison because they were convicted of crimes they did not commit? Unless you can guarantee justice is perfectly served, it is an abomination to murder convicted criminals.

More severe penalties? You should move to China, or perhaps Saudi Arabia. When their parole is up how many years that would be, it automatically shuts off. You would never loose track of them. Just my opinion. You need a big battery to transmit a strong enough al for active tracking. The range for that a few feet. In a lone dissent today, he expresses his desire to hear Baxter v. Braceya case in which two cops received qualified immunity after siccing a police dog on a surrendering suspect as he sat on the ground with with his hands up.

Ultra Rover… one of your fellow white males in the news again for a horrific violent crime, of course, nothing to say about that. Kind of odd that all these individual pics of truck were taken in advance? Marrying this pos while in prison? I guess you get what you pay for. No, pics of truck w plate detatched was odd.

I wonder is there a tinder dating app for prison inmates?

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If he removed ankle moniter going West, he probably went North or maybe South… but most likely North. Serious situation with a deranged sexual psychopath on the run…. I have no sympathy for this kind of garbage criminal. The hustlers are good at affecting a bogus personality.

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I have a friend who parents met in prison, but he was in for armed robbery. She was there with a ministry group. After his release they married and had 2. He past after 40 yrs, happy marriage.

Married sex Willits

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