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If your favorite at-home date night consists of a homemade dinner alright, takeout and logging a few hours on the couch with your husband or wife, it's time to add these relationship-focused television shows to your Netflix queue. That's right: Binge watching your favorite shows could bring you and your spouse closer togetherespecially if they center around romantic relationships. Here, five series you can watch if you want to learn a lot about love. Seeing your ificant other cry big, ugly tears is a relationship milestone, and there's no show on television better equipped to pull them out of you than NBC's primetime drama This Is Us.

At this point the show has reached pop culture apex, potentially turning those away who haven't yet ed the bandwagon, but trust us-give the series a shot. While the unexpected, poignant storylines will have you definitely have you clutching each other for support on the couch, the show's hero, Jack Pearson, will also inspire countless romantic gestures.

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You'll bond over the cheesy storylines and clash over whether or not shag carpeting can really be considered a "deal breaker. This one is a team-watching experience if only because there are so many characters and storylines that it takes at least two of you to keep them all straight. With the final season swiftly approaching, now is the time to hunker down and power through the award-winning show's seven.

At an hour long a pop, it's certainly a commitmentbut hey, so are relationships. This true crime documentary puts people firmly in one of two camps.

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We won't spoil the plot for you, but seeing which side your S. Plus, if they seem a little too good at getting into the psyche of the accused, you'll know to sleep with one eye open. We're kidding, of course. Is this a great show? Sure is.

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Is it mainly on this list because it'll make the weird family drama you each bring to the table seem like child's play? Martha Stewart Weddings. By Ellie Finn January 07, Save Pin More. Credit: Courtesy of NBC. View All.

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5 Binge-Worthy Television Shows to Watch If You Want to Strengthen Your Relationship