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Aside from their nameyou should know the name of the prison or jail.

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And whether it is a federal, state, or county facility. Which you can easily uncover if you know the name of the prison. These details can help you narrow down the search. As long as you know the state where the inmate is incarcerated, you can use a website called vinelink. And sometimes the scheduled release date.

It varies by state, but some Department of Corrections sites have advanced search functions. If so, you sort thorough physical descriptions and the offense. A detailed search query can quickly narrow down the — especially in states with large prison populations. If the inmate is incarcerated in a smaller facility — like a county jail — your best bet is to give the county clerk a call and ask.

However, some county and city jails have online search functions, as well. These databases will house information like inmate release dates, inmate housing information, court dates, and criminal charges. Note: not all county facilities will provide inmate release dates.

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It may be against their policy to share this information with the public. The Federal Bureau of Prisons hosts a website at www.

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The website notes that federal inmate release dates are subject to change based on the First Step Actwhich allows prisoners to be eligible for early release or reduced sentencing based on good conduct. Other times they can be released from the facility into a program or on bond.

Just like you can search for an inmate through vinelink. You will be contacted over the phone or by mail. Generally, to be eligible to receive these notifications, you must be the victim of a crime the inmate committed — or an immediate family member of the victim.

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Most inmates will find out when they are being released once the facility knows. If the inmate is a friend or family member, and your relationship is in good standing, this is a reliable option so you are able to plan accordingly for their release.

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Or maybe you are concerned about your safety when the inmate is released. Prisoners can, in fact, be released earlier than their original release date if they are out on parole. However, federal inmates, repeat offenders, or prisoners who were arrested for violent crimes typically are not eligible for parole. But they may be able to get a reduced sentence as a result of good behavior.

If you are looking for information about someone who may have been arrested, here is the best way to find someone in jail for free. Nothing implied or stated on this should be construed to be legal, tax, or professional advice.

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Looking for a relase

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