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It is absolutely without any transition that we move from our articles on Tenerife to… Lille! After the sun of the south, we present you: the sun of the north!

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I swear this is true! We went to Lille twice and so far we have not yet seen any clouds. Today we propose you ideas for urban walks in the pretty city of Lille with a Street Art note and of course, at the end, some good addresses where you can drink good craft beers. Before telling you about Old Lille and beer bars, we wanted to start this article with a facet of the city of Lille that we particularly appreciated: its street art scene and the rehabilitation of deserted areas! Luckily, rather than razing them to the ground to build new buildings, the city of Lille is working to give new life to these abandoned buildings.

The former Saint Sauveur station is a perfect example. This former freight station, which was built inwas completely closed and decommissioned in Since this place has been converted into a cultural and dining space. At the Street-Art level, it is in the district around the Saint-Sauveur station that we find many mural frescoes. For our visit we were accompanied by Julien, the president of the Collectif Renarta street art Lille beer and Lille from Lille.

In addition to organizing walking and cycling tours on the theme of Street art, this collective is above all the instigator of BIAM the International Biennale of Wall Art. This yearfrom April 8 to June 8, the 4th edition will be held. The idea of Biam is to bring together international and local artists and to decorate the streets of Lille and other localities in the Hauts-de-France region.

To know the program of the biennale visits, workshops and conferences and the addresses of future murals, go here. Note: Some works are destined to be withdrawn after the Biennales, but many will remain. In the Saint-Sauveur district, for example, you can admire several murals from editions. In the register of brownfield sites to discover in Lille beer and Lille there is clearly FivesCail to add to your list!

This former metallurgy factory, where the elevators of the Eiffel Tower were built, is currently undergoing a metamorphosis! Left abandoned for many years, this building is developing completely new activities. In all, the area is more than 25 hectares and in the long term there will be more than housing units, a 5 hectare park and a whole host of cultural and social spaces focused on the theme of food.

Today, Fives Cail already hosts the Lille International Hotel School, a gymnasium, a small temporary communal kitchen. During the summer months it is possible to come and taste dishes from food trucks and sip a cocktail installed in the space of the Friche Gourmandea m2 terrace located at the entrance of the old buildings.

By next year there will also be a huge Food Court and a large communal kitchen open to associations and local residents. For the moment the space is still under construction, but it is likely to be transformed over the months into an essential meeting place for Lille residents and visitors passing through and above all that it will give a boost to the Fives district, which has been neglected quite a bit since the closure of the factories. After our visit of Lille in the theme of Streetart and abandoned buildings we headed towards Roubaix.

Accessible in about twenty minutes by metro or 30 minutes by tram, the small town of Roubaix is a very nice addition to the visit for travellers who are in Lille.

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Originally, this city did not have a very good reputation. It will be difficult for us to judge because we had never been there before this year, but what I can tell you is that we really enjoyed it. The city is developing its cultural and resolutely arty side enormously. In order to find your way around, you can get the Street-Art map available at the Roubaix Tourist Office or download it on this. In addition to the beautiful view, you can also admire several works by well-known artists such as the excellent stencil maker Jef Aerosol.

Many of his works can be found in the neighbourhood. To recognize them, just look for your ature: a small red arrow! This restaurant within the walls of the Public Condition is really great. The concept? Fresh and seasonal products with a small menu that is always ephemeral. The idea behind this project is to enhance the skills of people with mental disabilities. Waiters and cooks are people with disabilities who are trained in the catering industry. Open: lunchtime, Monday to Friday. More information: their website. At the end of the afternoon we had the pleasure of discovering the future premises of the RemyCo workshops.

The idea is Lille beer and Lille be able to welcome artists so that they can work Lille beer and Lille equipment at their disposal and rent individual boxes to create and store their work. This project was developed in collaboration with collectives, artists and the city of Roubaix. A very beautiful initiative, which, we are sure, will contribute even more to putting Roubaix at the forefront of the Street Art scene in the North of France.

During our visit we also saw the artist Mr. VOul in action in the workshops. It was funny, because during our walk we had seen a lot of his works. Voul is easy to recognize since all his works are self-portraits made with stencils! This sentence we probably heard it a hundred times during our trip to France when we were writing our book.

But we will not hide from you that it was probably in Lille that we had the most dilemma when we made our choice. This is where we had the launch party of our book! A very nice place with excellent draught and bottled beers. Special mention for the ultra friendly welcome and their cheese boards! Le Bar la Dilet3 Rue Ropra. We had organized a small aperitif in this nice bar during our visit in the summer of Good draught beers and a nice selection of craft bottled beers with also small ephemeral gems.

La Capsule25 rue des Trois Mollettes. A real institution for traditional beer lovers! As for the origins, the beers served at the Capsule come from all over the world. Lille, France and the rest of the world…. This bar is a real gem! Le BeerChope, 18 rue de Gand. A beer bar that only serves local beers; they have all the Lille breweries on offer! Their choice in general is really impressive and everyone should find a beer to suit their taste! La Capucine1 avenue Delobel. A summer bar only open in the summer months in Parc de la Citadelle. They have a great selection of beers and the setting is great for a late afternoon in the sun with a good beer.

Of the 70 itineraries in the book, 60 take place in the heart of nature. But France is also characterized by its magnificent cities and that is why we have decided to integrate 10 urban hikes to discover in a slightly different way cities like Paris, Metz, Reindeer, BordeauxToulouse or even….

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In Lille we have concocted a beautiful itinerary that combines the charms of Old Lille with a more natural touch in the superb Citadel Park. This green space was developed a few steps from old Lille around the old citadel built by Vauban. To get the book, go to any book store in France! It is available everywhere, and if it is not at your favorite bookseller do not hesitate to ask him.

It can be ordered by all booksellers and it also gives us a little help to make it known if more people order it. If you prefer to order online it is also possible. With Benoit there is something we love more than anything: climbing peaks to admire the view. In short, in the absence of having found a small hill to climb, we made up for it with the climb on the Belfry which culminates at m much higher than any hill in the area.

We wish you lots of great tastings always drink ine moderation and we look forward to seeing you soon with a new article to tell you a little more about the program for the coming months! Yes, from May Lille beer and Lille our backpacks are back in service for a minimum period of 7 months. Note: This article contains affiliate links to Getyourguide. Thank you for your support! Opening times: Every day from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5. But to get this price you have to book at least 24 hours in advance….

To book it is here. Visit Lille If you come to visit Lille maybe it could be interesting for you to take a look at the City Pass. If you plan to make several visits the pass quickly becomes profitable. Facebook Twitter.

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