Ladies need a message and cuddle

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When you love a person, you just want to hold them tight every single chance that you can get, you want to keep them as close to you as you possibly can. Cuddling is just one way to do that, to be able to enjoy having them near you and making them feel loved as much as possible. It is something that is meant for all seasons, fall, winter, spring or even summer. There is a connection when you do it with the one that you are in love with. Here are some quotes about it that you can use to explain to your beloved how much you want to do it.

You know, I feel that cuddling is the most perfect sensation that I have ever felt in this life. One day, when it is raining and the weather is not good, let us go for a cuddle session, dear. I do not really like to cuddle that much but when it is with you, I just want to always do that.

I know I look like a person that does not like to cuddle at all but the truth is that I really do. The thing about being with the one you love is that you can go and be in his arms whenever. I think that cuddling would go really well as we look up in heaven and watch the stars twinkle.

To hold on to the person you love is like being near a fireplace in the middle of a winter night. I just want to hug you tight and never ever let go of you for you are everything to me, darling. You go out into a Ladies need a message and cuddle full of doubt but when the person you love hugs you tight, you feel okay. Let us go on and hug each other more often, there is something about it that I find soothing. Demand less from me as I plan on giving you more of me anyways, now let us keep hugging! When the rain is falling on the weekend all I want to do is try to do some cuddling with you.

Each embrace you give me feels like the world to me, as if I am holding some fragile thing. I want to be able to talk to you more in the most intimate ways for that is how I love you so. Let me make it clear to you that there is nothing I would not do for you should you ask me to.

Cuddling is the perfect medicine for those that are feeling a little bit blue and more of sad. There is truth in my eyes that you will see if you care enough for me and love me, sweetie pie. I think the important thing in a relationship is to be able to see past mistakes and make up. Let me lie with you while I embrace you in my arms until eventually we fall asleep, darling. There are days when I wonder what could be better than lying in bed and hugging you tight.

Cuddling can sometimes be the thing you do to remove all the sadness and pain inside you. Whenever I get to have you in my arms, I am satisfied because I feel the love from you, dear. There is something special about being able to hold you tightly that I never want to let go.

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Tell me you care for me and I will show you just how I love a person, how much I show it. Cute Love Captions from the Heart. There is something about cuddling with you that just melts me into a puddle of happiness. I am not a showy person but I am touchy for sure, I have to make sure that I am not dreaming. I have often dreamt of you so when I touch you like I do, I am just checking that you are real. When my day starts by seeing you and you hugging me, everything falls exactly into place.

I think that one of the best hobbies that I can ever get is cuddling with you all this time, dear.

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One day I will end up so in love with you that you will not have a word what you need to do. I can use up all the excuses there is in the world if it means that I get to cuddle up together.

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Let me be the girl whom you give your jacket to and hold tight so I do not feel cold at all. I just lost one of my precious teddy bears so will you hold me tight right about this moment? There is something about snuggling in your arms and sniffing your chest that I find relaxing. I will go cuddling with you even when you are too sick to even get up from your own bed. Holding you in my arms is just a part of loving you, just a part of being in love with you.

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There is something that builds up inside me when you hold me like you do, my dear love. You go cuddling with a person simply because you feel that you are safe in his loving arms. I want you to be my pillow, someone I can lean and hug whenever I feel sad or cold, dear. When your arms are wrapped up around me there is something magical that happens inside. I have long been craving what I feel when I have you in my arms, so do not go too far, dear.

Life without having your arms around my body is like lighting a fire on winter but being cold. Cuddling with your lover will only bring your hearts close to each other as your bodies are. I love the way you would whisper you love me in my ear as you put my head on your heart.

Your heart is beating like no other and I love you for holding me close enough to hear that.

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Whenever you are not around me all I can think about is cuddling with you when I see you. I am at your disposal, I will be giving you my hugs for as long as there is a need for it. Wonder and pure magic is what your embraces make me feel, I still long for them, honestly. There is nothing in this world that I would not do if it means that I get to be beside you. Your beating heart is one of the best music that I have ever heard in my entire lifetime. May you never think of going too far away from me for I need you to be able to live my life.

I fell in love with your smiles, with the warmth that your embraces make me feel, I love you. Cuddling can go totally right or it can go totally Ladies need a message and cuddle depending on the feelings you put in it. The day can go on and on and I would not care as long as your arms are wrapped around me. Last night, I was a wreck until you hold me so tight I knew that things would get better still. It is truly relaxing when you are cuddling with the person that you are in love with, truly it is. How do I tell you that I have never felt the need for an embrace until I met you and felt it?

Will you let me love you and be with you and hug you until you finally give in to me, darling? Love will come in the most unexpected moments but I think I was born to hug you tightly. Cuddling with someone brings you in a deep connection with that person, that is the way it is.

If there ever comes a need to hug you tight, I would gladly make you feel happy I am with you. I would embrace you in my arms as I promise to protect you from any harm to come your way. I have always had in mind that loving you was meant I get to have your warm hugs and kisses.

I may not always get what I want but as long as you are there to hold me, I will feel alright. If you want to try cuddling it is better if you have fallen in love first so that you will handle it.

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When you need, all you do is to call me and I will be there with you, holding on to you tightly. Embrace me in those strong arms of yours and sweep me off your feet with love you feel, dear. Just tell me that you love me and that you are willing to share your warmth with me, darling.

Cuddling is intimate, it speaks of sharing your body with the person that you love in the world. Intimacy is the first step towards love so for tonight surround me with those arms of yours. When you hug me, I feel that the angels are singing, I feel your love around me, my dear. There is nothing wrong with being with you for you are the next best thing for me, I love you.

The warmth that cuddling brings is just one of the reason that I want to do it with you, my love. You give such warm hugs that there are days when I forget who I am when I am with you, boy. If there comes a need to be with you let me know and I will make you forget all of your sorrow.

Ladies need a message and cuddle

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