Just looking to talk sex is all

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Ryan: I feel like we are more secure as a couple now. Ashley: Do you feel like anything has changed? Ryan: How do you feel about it? Ryan: I never thought it was a threat. The issue is that in their marriage, Ryan has wanted sex more frequently than Ashley. He still thinks it is, but avoids telling her directly. When partners talk to each other about their sexual needs, their conversations are often indirect, vague, and left unresolved. Typically both partners are in a rush to finish the discussion, hoping their partner will understand their desires without saying much. Talking about sex is a powerful way to deepen intimacy and connection.

I loved it. When communication is full of tension, then frustration, ambiguity, and hurt feelings are sure to follow.

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This is why friendship outside the bedroom is so crucial to a passionate sex life. Be kind and positive The key to talking about sex is not to criticize. I want more of that, I felt so good! Many of us feel embarrassed at times about our bodies or about our performance. Adding judgement or criticism to the mix will only worsen these insecurities. Sharing your positive needs will open up new ways of loving each other. Be patient Talking about sex can be uncomfortable. Due to our upbringing, many of us have shame connected to enjoying sex, much less talking about our needs and desires.

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If you or your partner feel this way, go slow. Start by talking about your feelings about sex, such as the messages you received growing up. Having that kind of conversation is a powerful way to enhance your feelings of safety with each other.

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Sex drive can be blocked by stress, feelings of shame, and so on. Nor does it mean your lovemaking skill is lackluster. Develop a ritual for gently refusing sex. For instance, to return to the couple above, Ryan wanted sex three times per week, but Ashley only wanted it once per week.

Ryan felt rejected and frustrated by this. So he went and bought books and sex toys to turn Ashley on. Eventually they entered into gridlock with no idea on how to turn things around. I encouraged them to focus on sensuality instead of sex. Since Ashley relaxed and felt pleasure from massages, she created massage nights, which included no sex, but lots of touching and holding. The solution to enhancing romance inside and outside of the bedroom is to learn the art of talking about sex.

Learning to communicate sexual needs, desires, and frustrations in a way that lets each partner feel safe will enhance the experience for both of you. For questions to ask each other about sex and ways to open up the conversation, check out our newly updated Sex Questions deck in the Gottman Card Decks App! Kyle works in The Love Lab where he nerds out on the science of relationships. When not highlighting research on a Sunday morning in his bathrobe, Kyle enjoys writing for his blog Kylebenson.

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Search for:. Here is an example of a conversation that a real couple had in my office. The less direct you are about what you want, the less likely you are to get it. Below are the four guidelines for talking about sex.

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