I want to go get a drink

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You have probably been in situations where someone offers you an alcoholic drink and you feel like you have to drink it. Or perhaps you offer people a drink and make sure that they in the fun. Peer pressure to drink alcohol is common in our everyday lives; from parties, your local pub, to nowadays COVID pandemic friendly social distancing beers on Zoom with your mates.

A common perception is that peer pressure exists mainly in young people. However, peer pressure can affect people of all ages.

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But many still experienced pressures to drink and continue drinking. Ironically, to get rid of peer pressure many people gave in and drank more alcohol.

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Most people who drank as a result of peer pressure regretted this decision later. The social surroundings often influenced peer pressure to drink. Many reported using strategies to avoid pressure. Others selected their group of friends to make sure it included non-drinkers or those who only drank moderate amounts. Will you cave into the peer pressure, or have a strategy to deal with it? View the latest posts on the BMC Series blog home. About Latest Posts. Stephan Dombrowski.

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Stephan is a health psychologist at the University of New Brunswick and interested in the development, testing and application of behavior change theory and interventions for health. His research covers a range of health behaviors e. Go on, you know you want to. Most Shared Posts Protecting an investment.

I want to go get a drink

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