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Scene Kids Usually has a lip piercing Will wear a tight black t-shirt with a random band or band endorsed clothing label pictured on the front. Adorns tight jeans, white belt with big buckle and either wearing converse or checked slip on shoes.

Has an obbession with guns and stars. Attends many hardcore shows dances like a fool if at all and talks about obscure random bands which you will not know cos there I need a scene boy than you. Kisses boys every now an then because scene girls like it. Has thousands of myspace friends all of which are scene girls just to look cool and takes billions of pictures of themselves in tuff guy poses. They also like tattoos and would get one if there rich mommy and daddy would let them. Wears black eyeliner and coloured eyeshadow. Has the piercings pretty much the same as the scene boy the lip being the crucial one the septum is also popular.

Adores leopard print tops or any animal print A bow in the hair is common Immatation pearl necklaces hanging from there necks And has the same interests as the scene boy. Someone who is expressing themselves through the music they listen to and make and the clothes they wear. So what if all scene kids dress the same! When you walk down the fucking street and see something someones wearing that you like you buy something like it its not copying its just gathering ideas you retards! Scene Kid. A true scene kid is a boy or girl who wears whatever they want without caring.

A typical scene kid is a boy or girl who finds a style on the internet of a popular bebo, myspace, or facebook, and occasionally Vampire Freaksthat they like, and copies that style either completely or in parts. A true scene kid has a hairstyle that is pretty crazyand is like this so they can express themselves.

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True scene kids usually cut their own hair, because it's no fun expressing yourself when someone else cuts your hair. A typical scene kid girl hair long hair with short layers at the top, and no layers underneath the top half. These layers I need a scene boy usually backcombed until they stand out from the head. This is usually to attract attention.

True scene kids don't set out to be hated, they go about their lives, and pick up a few haters along the way who dislike them because of their appearence and views on things. Typical scene kids are deliberately controversial to get 'famous' on the internet. This is a generalisation. Do not take all of this too seriously. Most scene kids are called emo by chavs who do not understand that most emos are said to not wear much colour, whereas scene kids supposedly wear obscene amounts of neon coloured clothing. True scene kids will never say they are scene.

Dont knock true scene. They won't do you any harm unless you start something. June 09, Scene Kids. I love your coons!!! SceneKidTwo: I know right? They are so fucking HardxCore! SceneKidThree: So we all coming round mine for a round of Sonic on my nintendo then? SceneKidOne: Nah I'm thinking of updating my myspace and shizz tonight, you knwo how long it takes me to get it perfect. So, here's my definition for scene. Most of them have black hair, with a splash of a white, blonde or red color. Some example are: the black dahlia murderjob for a cowboy or a life once lost.

They may listen to rap songs ocasionally. WHAT do they do? How pathetic, right? She is worshipped night and day by innocent and new in the scene community. NEVER flip flops.

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Most commonly septum and snake bites. Even though most of them are, they just pretend to be it. This is all you need to know about this. A male or female who dresses in the scene fashion. They look like noone in any picture that has been posted, mostly it seems that the photo feature has been used to help poser kids feel better about themselves. In actuality, scene has developed to encompass many different styles and denominations.

There's the scene queens, who wear nearly anything to make themselves look original, from tutus and metal-band shirts to ripped fishnets and tiny shorts, often boots and oversized shirts as dresses. There's also what I call the street version scene girlswho lean toward tight jeans and Funsteps. However, hair and makeup is alike across the board. It's nearly always straightened, very teased in the back, choppy, and often multicolored. The basic color is normally black or peroxide blond, but streaks are promoted, and a select few do manage to pull off the natural browns- but for the most part it doesn't happen.

Piercings are also promoted within the scene community, normally facial. Makeup is either incredibly well-done neons or dark blacks. The real scene girls are nearly always gorgeous, with large eyes accentuated by the intense makeup. For the males, the scene kings usually wear tall spikes that stick straight up in the back, with bangs and makeup.

They will be wearing tight jeans, occasionally cowboy boots or something similarly ironic. The street version of the scene male is tight jeans, straightened black hair, occasionally with blond streaks, and sometimes also wearing the spikes. Makeup is unlikely but possible. Despite popular belief, not every scene kid is gay or bi. Many girls are known for being particularly bitchy and self-obsessed, the boys for being arrogant and vain, none of which seems to be able to subtract from the obsession that teens are growing with this new fad.

Eventually, the scene will fade out of the popular eye, and the new jacks will pass to the next trend, making scene truly alternative again. I saw this scene kid walking down the street the other day, I swear his hair was taller than he was. August 30, Scene kids are happy fellows I need a scene boy Emos, of whom most scene kids detest. Scene Kid Boy: 'liek omfgzzz im going to see bmth tonite will be fxckin br00t4l! Aug 14 trending 1.

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