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What makes a good apology? Surely, these are extreme situations where a possible crime has taken place and an apology may not cut it. Is it coming from a sincere place of remorse and a desire to improve?

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Or do you just want to smooth things over? This apology prep-phase, if you will, is essential. Is it to get your way? Is it to manipulate the situation?

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Or is it to honor the offended party's feelings, take responsibilities for your actions, repair the relationship and learn from your mistakes? Before you apologize, make sure the apology is coming from the right place. From there, you may want to consider implementing what Dr. The act of confessing sounds simple enough, but your language and phrasing are critical.

Compassion, the third C, is where you have put a lid on it and listen to what the offended party has to say. Michele Kerulis, professor of counseling at Counseling Northwestern.

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Murray stresses, the offending party must commit to putting in the work at changing. Certainly Dr. Murray is alluding to more extreme situations where apologies can be a lifetime of work and still never be enough. Want more tips like these?

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Share this —. Follow better. Are You the Office Jerk? Nicole Spector.

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I’m Sorry Quotes for When You Can’t Find the Right Words