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In their first-ever interview, the anonymous authors talk about their social sensation.

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Resting against a subway door — a big no-no, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority — the mystery man has one hand behind his head as the other grasps a book on which his eyes are squarely focused. As of Friday, that is at a whoppingAlthough the captions are written in the voice of a witty and thirsty Manhattanite with good camera skills and an eye for studs, the reality is each post is the result of tireless collaboration between a group of 13 professionals in their 20s and 30s, all of whom have been friends for years. No subject was off limits, so long as the authors could maintain their anonymity to protect their careers and keep the focus on their bread and butter: the men they shamelessly objectify.

Read on for their best-kept secrets. The group is comprised of six heterosexual women and seven homosexual men. Seven of them are single, five are in steady relationships, and one — a female vice president of a hedge fund in her late 20s — is engaged. Laughing, she explains that she put off her wedding planning in order to finish the book. But long before the love of her life popped the big question and publishers came knocking, the petite blonde found herself hanging out with this creative and diverse group of friends.

The group began using a Groupme chain to communicate. Soon, one of the guys shared a snap of a sexy guy reading on the subway. We should do this. Blah, blah, blah. I literally just ed up for the Instagram. One thing might lead to another when you aim your iPhone lens at a man. After some thought, they arrive at an official count of how many members have undressed with subjects: eight. Given the size of their social group, that goal seemed realistic after the premiered in Hot guys please read Eventually, though, things began heating up.

But the real kicker was when Lance Bass — a pal of the former boy band singer in the group — tweeted about the .

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The rest is history. Despite being initially surprised by how fast the took off, the creators understand why people gravitate to their work. The one exception is the book cover, for which the team picked the man from their most-liked photo.

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Super cute! We judge them by the cover. It gives a taste of their personality.

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We like to take that piece and expand upon it. No one is this group was looking to become an author. With their author hats on, the team decided their book should be a proper representation of the city. That meant more explorations in the concrete jungle — an asment the members welcomed. FB Tweet More.

Credit: Hot Dudes Reading. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. Nowadays, the creators find all the potentially awkward moments amusing. Evolving from Instagram users to legitimate authors was only a matter of time, the group says.

In addition to the rush the book release gives them, the group is also proud of its message.

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Close in. All rights reserved.

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Hot guys please read

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Hot Dudes Reading Creators Reveal Secrets of Their Sexy Instagrams and New Book (Hookups Included!)