Gran wants sex

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Jack's gran had messaged him to ask if he could take some pictures of her. She told him that she needed them for her profile on a website. Granddad had died just over a year ago and had some excellent cameras and LED lighting. Jack had said that he knew a little about photography but would have to experiment with the cameras and lighting.

Gran opened the door, and Gran wants sex tits looked massive. Gran then hugged him, and Jack felt the weight of her huge tits on his chest. Gran then pulled away and said, "I'm having a glass of wine, would you like to me? I've charged granddad's equipment and have it in the lounge. Jack examined the two cameras and lenses, They were from Canon and of the highest quality.

He chose a portrait lens and set the camera to automatic focus then gran appeared with the wine. Gran ed him on the couch, she gave him his wine then said, "Jack, it's now over a year since he died, he was fourteen years older than me, I am now sixty-one, I keep myself in great condition. I am at yoga twice a week, I swim three times a week, and I'm very particular with what I eat. Jack, I want this photo shoot and what it is for to be our Gran wants sex as I would hate your mum to know anything about this.

I was a great wife to your granddad, I loved him with all my heart, sadly, he is gone now. I'm still young enough, I still have needs and urges that need to be attended to, but it is challenging to find someone that's why I'm using the dating site. Can you help me and keep my secret for me? Jack smiled then said, "No problem, these cameras will take excellent portrait pictures, and they will be our secret. Gran, your gorgeous, you have a jaw-dropping body, you are still young so why not go on a dating site.

You must be careful and for an initial meeting always do it in a public place, you hear of so many sexual assaults originating from these sites. The other thing to look out for is there's a lot of nasty STDs out there, you must be very careful if you are having sex with strangers, always insist on a condom and initially don't do oral without a condom until you can trust your partner.

Gran smiled then replied, "Jack, what wonderful advice, I had not thought so far, everything you say is correct. Darling, I would be cautious, I love oral, giving and receiving but would only do it with someone that I totally trusted.

I would be very selective with who I write with. She wears a masquerade mask and uses a voice program that gives her an American accent. She then does a peep show on Skype, and the two then masturbate to bring the other off. Please keep this as our secret as I would be so embarrassed if your mum ever found out about my dark side. Jack replied, "Gran, you have nothing to worry about, your secret is safe with me, my lips are sealed. Would you like to start taking some pictures?

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Your hairstyle and colouring suit you perfectly. Gran went to check her make up as Jack started taking pictures of different things in the lounge, the camera had Jack was thinking about gran having online sex, knowing that he would be willing to give it to her in reality. He thought of gran's massive tits, and he wondered if gran would like some private pictures for her profile. Gran was in her bathroom adjusting her hair thinking how good it was that Jack was taking her pictures. Gran knew that Jack couldn't keep his eyes off her tits.

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She had also noticed on several occasions the outline of his massive cock in his trousers, gran was impressed with the length and thickness of it. To carry out her plan now she had to try and seduce him while he was taking her pictures. Gran came back in the lounge looking beautiful, her tits looked amazing. Jack had positioned a chair beside the window as he wanted to use as much natural light as possible.

He had the camera he would use mounted on a tripod, Jack said, "Gran, you look gorgeous, can you sit on this chair as there's so much natural light. I'm only going to focus on you and your beautiful body and not on any background, if I didn't Gran wants sex that, then we would have blurred pictures. Get comfortable, and I will start shooting. Jack replied, "Great, we are thinking the same way, In this session, I am going to concentrate on your beautiful smile, your bright blue eyes, your pretty face and of course your curvy body. Let me take a few pictures then we can look at them and then try to improve them.

For the next forty minutes, this is what they did, they were both flirting with each other with gran's pussy getting wet and Jack's cock getting hard, the outline of his long and thick cock clearly visible in his pants. They both looked at the pictures by putting the SD card into Jack's laptop, Jack and gran were both impressed with the quality. Jack said, "Gran, your tits look amazing, they will attract a lot of men. Gran replied, "Darling, men have been staring at my tits for over the last forty-five years, do you like big tits Jack?

Jack smiled naughtily, then said, "Gran, I love big tits, yours are Gran wants sex, just being close to you and seeing them arouses me, I'm honest with you gran, you turn me on. Gran smiled then amazed Jack by saying, "Jack, I'll be honest with you, for years every time you visited me, and this was a long time before grandpa died. I got very wet when you visited, there were consequences, I then had to go and fuck myself with my biggest dildo, and I thought of you as I did it. Jack, kiss me, you can play with my tits as we kiss.

They both hugged each other, their lips met, gran slid her tongue into Jack's mouth as Jack's hands were exploring gran's massive tits, gran then said, "Let's go to my bedroom, we'll be much more comfortable there. They went into the bedroom where they both stripped naked, Jack was surprised that gran had a smooth, swollen vulva with a long sex slit, her body was beautiful for her age, Jack said, "Gran, you are beautiful, I love everything about you.

Gran said, "That's nice of you to say that, you are a gorgeous young man, your muscles and body are so tight and firm, I love that massive cock that you have, I've never seen one as big, your grandfather was big but nowhere near as big as your beauty. Whatever we do we must keep to ourselves, nobody must know of what we do in private, are you comfortable with that?

Jack answered, "Yes, I want you to teach me everything that you know of how to Gran wants sex a woman pleasure in bed, I want you to make me into a fantastic lover, I know that you will be able to do this. They kissed tenderly with lots of affection for several minutes then gran said, "I would love to do that, I'm lonely, I still have urges and needs.

Your granddad was older than me but he was very experienced, he taught me a lot now I'll teach you. They kissed again then gran said, "Jack, go down on me, I would like you to suck my big hard clit, pretend that it's a little cock, as you suck finger fuck me. Start with two fingers, as I get wetter you can use more fingers, if I get really wet, then you will be able to fist me.

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I'll suck your cock and make him very hard while you're doing this, I can't wait to feel your magnificent cock inside me. Jack went down on gran's pussy, she was wet, his initial two fingers slid inside her Gran wants sex cunt easily, her clit was like a fair sized thumb, Jack teased it with his tongue, it wasn't until he started to suck it that gran spread her thighs wide open and pushed her pussy against Jack's mouth.

Gran knew how to suck cock, she was doing everything with her lips, tongue and fingers, gran said, "I love your cock, it's massive, we are both going to have a lot of fun. Jack, what you're doing is fantastic, you have four fingers in me now, bring your hand out and lube your whole hand with my cunt juice. Then slide your fist inside me, put all your fingertips and thumb tip in a cone shape then slide up my cunt like that. Jack did as he was told, his fist was now deep inside gran's hungry cunt. Jack was surprised that gran's cunt juice tasted so sweet, he continued to suck her huge clit, gran said, "That's fucking wonderful, Jack, push your index and middle fingers inside me and when I say now, then make the come here al with these fingers, gran said now.

Jack then repeatedly made the come here with these two fingers, gran said, "Keep going, you have now found my special place, I will cum soon then I want your cock inside me. Your two fingers are now stimulating my G-spot, and that's Gran wants sex special place. Several minutes later, gran, had a body shaking orgasm, it took her over a minute to compose herself afterwards, gran said, "You are a fast learner, that was amazing, I think it better if I go on top of you as it is years since I last had a cock inside me. You just lie back and enjoy the ride, you can suck on my tits as I ride you if you want.

Gran then straddled over Jack's cock she was teasing her hard clit with the bulbous tip of his cock, gran centered the tip of his cock in the middle of her sex slit then pushed down on his erect shaft. She soon had a powerful rhythm going, gran said, "Jack, your cock fills me beautifully, it's a perfect fit inside my hungry pussy.

This is wonderful, I want to see you often after today, I need to be fucked regularly, and I want you to fuck me, now baby let me give you a great ride. Jack replied, "Gran, I would love that, I can stay over then we can have all-nighters, your tits are so sexy looking, they are wobbling everywhere as you ride me, I'm going to suck them now.

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Jack then started to suck on his gran's massive tits. Gran said, "Jack, I fucking love you, I will do anything that you want, I'll suck you off, you can cum in my mouth. We can titty fuck then you can spray my tits and face with your cum. I'm going to introduce you to anal, I love anal. Darling, I am going to go harder and faster now, I want you to spray your seed deep inside gran's cunt, cum for me, cum for your gran.

Gran then really increased the tempo, she was now pounding his erect cock, her eyes were fixed on his, Jack could see the Gran wants sex and contentment in his grandmother's eyes, they both climaxed simultaneously. It felt terrific, gran said, "Jack, we both came at the same time, you have filled my cunt with your seed, I feel so good, and it feels so right, I want this to continue, I want to be your lover.

Jack then phoned home to tell his mum that he wouldn't be home tonight as he would stay with gran. His mum thanked him for calling and for helping gran so much, his mum didn't realise that as they spoke gran was kneeling in front of Jack with the bulbous head of his cock banging against the walls of her throat as she deep throated Jack. I can continue this story as there's a lot of possibilities.

If you would like me to continue then, please me with your thoughts. Regards, Jack. Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now!

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Gran Still wants Sex.

Gran wants sex

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Gran Still wants Sex