Good lasting sex wanted

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Sex changes based on the moment. Sometimes, the mood requires slow and steady; other times a faster approach is more appropriate. And once it happens, sex is often over. After ejaculation, men go through a refractory period where they are unable to achieve another erection for a certain length of time women have little to no refractory period. But first, a friendly reminder from Dr. Carol Queen, the staff sexologist over at Good Vibrations. Masturbating before sex is a way to give yourself time.

By utilizing the refractory period, says Queen, you give yourself a better shot at lasting longer with your partner. Basically, it refers to squeezing the penis in the area between the shaft and the glans just before ejaculation.

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The idea is to put a hold on the ejaculatory response and get your focus back on the game. And, yeah, it works. Wherever sex goes, toys will maybe follow.

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You can also wear them around your, er, balls. Scratching an itch requires a little bit of rhythm. And those who want to last longer might need to disrupt the tempo.

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The more unfamiliar, the better. If you usually orgasm lying down then it might take you longer to reach orgasm standing up. Good sex is a marathon, not a sprint.

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Edging refers to a form of orgasm control where an individual will decrease stimulation just before reaching the point of ejaculatory inevitability. In other words, it means getting down — and slowing down — before hitting the point of no return.

Some men claim that edging can actually lead to superior orgasms. They say patience is a virtue. Please try again. Give us a little more information and we'll give you a lot more relevant content. Your child's birthday or due date.

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Good lasting sex wanted

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