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Book interview by Alice Cary. Wild girls. This subject especially enticed Gilbert because her novel, The ature of All Thingschronicles the exact opposite: a 19th-century botanist who yearns to have sex but never does.

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So for City of Girlsshe was determined to try something different. Enjoyment, bliss, satisfaction—these emotions and more form the core of her big-hearted, rollicking new novel about a gaggle of lively New York showgirls.

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And also all the ridiculously romantic ones. But with Norma it was like, how am I going to get her to talk about anything but sex? And she was fabulous. In addition to interviewing Norma, Gilbert and research partner Margaret Cordi to whom the book is dedicated poured several years into exploring a variety of topics.

And then suddenly—still during the research phase, before the writing even began—everything came to a heart-stopping halt during an month period of deep, dark sorrow. In Gilbert left Jose Nunes, the husband she had met in Bali, to partner with her best friend, Rayya Elias, who had just been diagnosed with liver and pancreatic cancer. Every once in a while I would think, is this good for grieving? Like, should I be around people?

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But in fact I was around people. I was around all the people in the book. And I really want to offer the book as a gift to everybody in these dark times. I hope it does for everyone what it did for me, which was cheer me up.

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A short introduction is set inwhen year-old Vivian receives a letter from the daughter of a man she once knew, asking Vivian to explain their relationship. Gilbert herself grew up with freethinking parents, living on a small Christmas tree farm in Connecticut that her mom and dad still run. I feel very lucky to have been raised by a genuine eccentric.

Everybody thinks their dad is weird, but my dad is really fucking weird. His disdain for anybody telling him what to do was so huge that I think I just inherited that.

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By Elizabeth Gilbert. Charlie Gilmour Interview by Alice Cary An abandoned baby bird helps a talented new writer come to terms with his past in Featherhood. Malla Nunn Interview by Carole V.

Girls sex Gilbert

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