Girl with the plant tattoo

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As the chaos, deadlines, anxiety of forming new bonds and all the noise of the first few years of college die down, this stage of life feels like a comfortable, much-needed settling in.

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I now have bangs and a nose ring. I dress differently — wearing more thrifted sweaters and big earrings.

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But bangs can grow out, nose piercings can close up and clothes can be donated to Goodwill. I reasoned: Very few people really know themselves that well, right? Those who say they do are usually only kidding themselves. These people will grow, change and look back at the ink on their bodies with regret.

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Yet, despite all this thoroughly thought-out reasoning, in mid-November of last year, I decided to hell with all that. It was generically pretty, yet still felt personal, like a piece of my identity projected upon the surface of my body. Maybe it was an aftereffect of seeing so many people around me sport ink casually, a form of adornment once edgy and taboo now making its way into the cultural mainstream.

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But my shift in opinion was also a more fundamental change than that: it was the result of watching myself change over the past years of my life. When I first came to college, if I got a tattoo, it probably would have been something stereotypically Californian. During that stage of my life, I was living away from home for the first time and being from California felt like the most fundamental part of my identity.

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So really, it was just an accident of time that my first tattoo ended up being a tribute to folk music. And while my constantly changing sense of self-perception might seem a reason to never get a tattoo, it ended up being the reason I got one. I can feel myself changing and evolving with every passing semester and life experience.

I recognize that the person I am now — one who is coming upon the end of her college career — is only going to stick around in her current form for so long. But I embrace that person, and her particular affinity for Simon and Garfunkel, all the same. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Girl with the plant tattoo

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