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Running a business online, you now have access to more support and sales channels than ever. From phone tosocial media like Twitter, Facebook and even Whatsapp, there is no shortage of ways in which you can communicate with your users and customers. But one new channel, in particular, is becoming increasingly popular: live chat. Immediate being defined as 10 minutes or less. WP Engine, a major hosting company now starts all support queries via live chat.

So are you ready to start? At its core, live chat is a simple window that pops up on your website to display text. Users can type in it, and you can see and reply from your own backend. Your agent can also see a list of users on the website and approach them with a question, like in Friendly web chat real store. You will mostly have to copy a few lines of codes and integrate it into your website. For a better overview of these tools and how they work, I created a video with some real-life examples here:.

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As mentioned above, chat support software is becoming increasingly popular, especially with younger, more tech-savvy generations. If you already have some experience with using live chat software, and are ready to take full advantage of everything it can do, our top recommendation would be LiveChat.

The company with Polish roots is one of the largest live chat solutions out there. Their history dates back to and today, 33, customers use their product. No small feat. LiveChat make it easy to like their product. It offers a slick interface that makes interacting with the product a breeze. Further pricing information. They used to charge per seat and not per agent. However, now they switched to a price per agent model like the majority of live chat tools. What I liked : Their numerous plugins that let you easily add the chat widget to the most popular website builders WordPress, Weebly etc.

Plus, integrations that connect the chat with your newsletter tool e. They make it easy to set everything up. You can even direct a visitor to a specific web that can be opened within the chat window. We like that you can set up chat widgets in multiple languages close to 50 languages are supported. The general look and feel of LiveChat is a big positive. And their Help Center is also excellent. There is a lot to unpack and explore, which in itself is not a bad thing — it would just be great if there was a bit more guided support in doing so.

Prices are a bit higher than most of their competitors. Olarkfunded by Y Combinator, counts 12, customers and has been around since Interestingly, their team is distributed worldwide, meaning that there is almost always someone happy to answer any support requests you may have. Next to their days free trial there is even a free plan for up to 20 chats per month. Enough to dip your toes in the water. Notable features include chat automation features which they call targeted chat that let you send automatic messages to visitors who are visiting specific s.

All premium plans include the same range of features. Forever Free is limited to basic functionality and 20 chats per month. What I liked : definitely their automation features. Also their range of seasonal themes is a nice addon that adds freshness to your website. Also there are better providers when it comes to a multilingual setup. Recommendable for : businesses that want to make use of chat automations at a very reasonable price. A few Important live chat terms: Chat console: this is your control center.

You will answer chat requests, monitor your live website users and more. Usually this will be provided via a desktop or web client. Some chat support tools also let you go through an already existing instant messaging service like Slack. Proactive chats: the ability to monitor live users on your website and contact them before they touch the live chat window.

This can be a great help, but can also frustrate Friendly web chat users who feel bothered by your messages. Canned messages shortcuts : these are pre-written answers to regular questions that you can just bring up with a shortcut or in a few clicks. They can save you time, but can also make users doubt they are talking to a real person, so better use them sparingly. Triggers chat automations : sometimes have different names depending on the live chat provider, greetings, targeted chat but they are essentially the same tool for analyzing user behavior and sending an automated message.

For example, you could start a proactive chat conversation with users who spend an unusually high amount of time Friendly web chat your checkout to help them with the payment. Chat protocols: a record of the live chats. Great for monitoring the quality of the answers and finding patterns in the frequently asked questions. JivoChat is a fully international live chat software, which has its roots in Russia.

Almostwebsites use it currently. Their whole appearance is very modern, including the actual chat tool. They have a great system for automatic triggers that also lets you hide the chat widget if you want. You have an integration with Zapier, which helps you Friendly web chat it into your favorite helpdesk or CRM.

Recommendable for : Companies who need a cost-effective chat solution and possibly also want to offer phone support. Just like LiveChat, Tidio also has Polish roots seems like Poland is quite a hub for live chat software. They are relatively young but have nevertheless put together a really attractive bundle.

Their free plan already includes up to three agents and unlimited chats. At first I was pretty Friendly web chat by the visual automation workflow they offer. What I liked : they have mobile apps for iOS and Android. Also, as mentioned, their workflow-based automations are mostly pretty great. Where they should improve : they have plenty of great features, however, they sometimes are a bit rough around the edges.

More than 2, customers rely on Userlikea Germany-based live chat support solution. Their servers are also inside the EU, which makes them a particularly attractive solution for customers in the European Union as they are fully GDPR compliant.

There are also options to integrate with additional channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messengerwhich is their Unified Messaging offering. If you have more than just one operator, or need to access the advanced features, things start getting expensive pretty quickly though. What I liked : the free plan is pretty decent to start with. Recommendable for : EU-based companies that need a feature-rich live chat software that respects strict privacy laws. In addition, you can install the live chat widget on as many websites you like. Pure Chat lets you try their live chat software for 30 days.

During that period, you can test all the available pro features. Mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android. Another interesting feature is Aribot. With their two paid plans, you also get features like real-time visitor analytics and automatic chat alerts. What I liked : their real-time visitor analytics are top-notch and exactly the way I wish to have them.

Overall, you get lo of useful features. Where they should improve : I am not a fan of their user interface. For example, you can a profile pic for your chat agents. In terms of automatic triggers they provide the minimum but nothing worth writing home about.

Recommendable for : companies that have larger teams with multiple chat agents. If you need support for more than one website, you should upgrade to the PRO plan. The US company is one of the most established live chat providers. They started out in and count 10, customers now. While most competitors only have their software available in English, SnapEngage supports five more of them including Spanish, Portuguese, German and French.

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Also, they seem to be targeting customers with deeper pockets. It does include four chat agents already. Most other live chat companies would charge you a similar amount once you get to four agents. They do offer quite a few advanced features, among them cobrowsing, which is a way for the visitors to share their screen with you.

Where they should improve : in the chat console there is no live view of your visitors, which I find odd for a software that targets the enterprise market. The user interfaces look a bit long in the tooth and could use a refresh.

Smartsupp is unique in many ways. For once, they bring live chat analytics to another level. The other unique trait is their offer of a free shot of homemade Slivovica when ing up for the PRO plan. Alcoholic beverages aside, they also have a free plan that boasts unlimited chats and unlimited agents.

Interestingly, their user interface looks very much inspired by Zendesk Chat. Plenty of details and features were simply copied over, which is a bit sad, really unless Friendly web chat have some special licensing deal going on. What I liked : Friendly web chat the recordings feature is a great benefit — the question is whether you actually need it. The live analytics are superb and exactly the way they should be in my opinion.

The customization is very limited. Recommendable for : data-driven companies that are looking for a feature-rich live chat software. LiveAgent is yet another example: their head office is located in Slovakia. The list of features indeed looks impressive, among them, unique in this list: video chat. They also sport a fully integrated help desk solution where every chat request is being added as a ticket actually the help desk is their core business.

What I liked : The onboarding process is pretty good, you have a to-do list of various items to get started see screenshot. Their pretty unique video chat capability also makes it into our list of pros. You can also set it up for voice calls only. The fact that you can set up a customer knowledge base and a help desk is great, too. Oh yeah, they also support a tonne of languages. Where they should improve : I am really not a fan of their user interface. Generally there should be better help resources. Recommendable for : Medium or large enterprises that have lots of agents and need an integrated help desk solution.

Also businesses that require video chat functionality. The CRM and marketing automation giant launched its live chat software in to complement its suite of sales tools. Since then, it has evolved to become an impressively-featured live chat solution, with automated chatflows, a Friendly web chat inbox, and an integration with Facebook Messenger. In addition, it includes some smart chatbots that can qualify le, book meetings, and provide customer support.

What I liked : The chatbots are fairly advanced — they can target users based on segments or other characteristics e. You can even integrate with your knowledge base to allow users to search for answers from within the chat widget. Plus, it supports over 30 languages, which can be automatically displayed based on website URL, country or browser language. The multi-window Inbox view can also be slightly overwhelming to new users.

That being said, the free plan allows you to set up some basic chatflows and is useful for those who are just getting started with live chat. Judging by their range of features, Chatra is really impressive and stands out in a lot of ways against their competitors.

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For example, they support multilingual website setups as well as complex chat triggers. And of course, there are also iOS and Android apps to chat when you are away from your desktop. This young Israeli company is definitely one to watch! With over 10, users, Chaport offers a few features that really stand out.

Friendly web chat

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