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The best texts for personal work. Classified for practical use, printed in full, and arranged for ready reference. This book attempts to arrange the remedies according to the maladies. Because of its terseness and freedom from technical expressions it will form a useful compendium of information for Christian workers. This book is written because it seems to be needed. The author has been repeatedly requested by Ministers, Y. Secretaries, Christian Workers, and his own students to put into a permanent and convenient shape the substance of what he has said at Conventions, Summer Schools and in the class—room on personal work.

The time has come to yield to these requests. Never before in the history of the Church were there so many who desire to win others to Christ. There are several well—known and valuable manuals of texts to be used with inquirers, but this book is intended not only to point out passages to be used but to show how to use them, illustrating this use by cases from 4 actual experience. It is hoped that from a careful study of these s any earnest Christian can learn how to do efficient work in bringing others to the Saviour.

There are certain general conditions, the fulfilment of which is absolutely essential to real success in bringing men to Christ. These conditions, fortunately, are few and simple and such as any Free text sex chat in Torrey can meet. If we would bring others to Christ we must turn away from all sin, and worldliness and selfishness with our whole heart, yielding to Jesus the absolute lordship over our thoughts, purposes and 8 actions.

If there is any direction in which we are seeking to have our own way and not letting Him have His own way in our lives, our power will be crippled and men lost that we might have saved. If we have no love for souls, our efforts will be mechanical and powerless. We may know how to approach men and what to say to them, but there will be no power in what we say and it will not touch the heart. Furthermore if we have a love for souls we will be on the constant watch for opportunities to speak with the unsaved and will find opportunities on the street, in the store, in 9 the home, on the cars and everywhere that would otherwise have entirely escaped our notice.

But how is one to get a love for souls? This question is easily answered. First of all, a love for souls like every other grace of Christian character, is the work of the Holy Spirit. If then we are conscious that we do not have that love for souls that we should have, the Free text sex chat in Torrey thing to do is to go to God and humbly confess this lack in our lives and ask Him by His Holy Spirit to supply that which we so sorely need, and expect Him to do it 1 Jno.

In the second place Jesus Christ had an intense love for souls Matt. In the third place feelings are the outcome of thoughts. If we desire any given feeling in our lives we should dwell upon the thoughts which are adapted to produce that feeling. In the fourth place, reflection upon our own ruined and unhappy condition without Christ and the great sacrifice that Christ made to save us, is sure to fill our hearts with a desire to bring others to the Saviour we have found.

The Word of God is the sword of the Spirit Eph. It is the instrument God uses to convict of sin, to reveal Christ and to regenerate men. If we would work together with God, the Bible is the instrument upon which we must rely and which we must use in bringing men to Christ. We must know how to use the Bible so as 1 to show men their need of a Saviour, 2 to show them Jesus as the Saviour they need, 3 to show them how to make this Saviour their own Saviour, 4 to meet the difficulties that stand in the way of their accepting Christ.

A large part of the following s will be devoted to imparting this knowledge. Solid work in soul winning must be accompanied 11 by prayer at every step. We must pray God to lead us to the right persons to approach. God does not intend that we speak to every one we meet. If we try to do it, we will waste much valuable time in speaking to those whom we cannot help, that we might have used in speaking to those to whom we could have done much good.

God alone knows the one to whom He intends us to speak, and we must ask Him to point him out to us, and, expect Him to do it. Acts viii. We must pray God to show us just what to say to those to whom He le us. Every experienced worker will testify to the many instances in which God has led them to use some text of Scripture that they would not otherwise have used but which proved to be just the one needed.

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We must pray God to give power to that which He has given us to say. We need not only a message from God but power from God to send the message home. Most workers have to learn this lesson by humiliating experiences. They sit down beside an unsaved man and reason and plead 12 and bring forth texts from the word of God, but the man does not accept Christ. We must pray God to carry on the work after our work has come to an end. After having done that which seems to have been our whole duty in any given instance, whatever may have been the apparent issue of our work, whether successful or unsuccessful, we should definitely commit the case to God in prayer.

If there is anything the average worker in this hurrying age needs to have impressed upon him, it is the necessity of more prayer. By praying more we will not work any less and we will accomplish vastly more. You can then ask him if he is a Christian, or if he would not like to be a Christian, or why he is not a Christian or some other direct and simple question that will lead inevitably to a conversation along this line.

But if the person is one in whom you have become interested outside the religious meeting and who is perhaps an entire stranger, it does not at first sight appear so simple, and yet it is not so very difficult. The person can be engaged in conversation on some general topic or on something suggested by passing events, and 15 soon brought around to the great subject. Oftentimes even in dealing with entire strangers it is well to broach the subject at once and ask them if they are Christians or if they are saved or some similar question.

If this is done courteously and earnestly it Free text sex chat in Torrey frequently set even careless people to thinking and result in their conversion. It is astonishing how often one who undertakes this work in humble dependence upon God and under His direction, finds the way prepared and how seldom he receives any rebuff.

One day the writer met a man on one of the most crowded streets of Chicago. As I passed him the impulse came to speak to him about the Saviour. Stopping a moment and Free text sex chat in Torrey God to show me if the impulse was from Him, I turned around and followed the man. It is well to select some one and then lay your plans to win him to Christ.

Cultivate his acquaintance, show him many attentions and perform many acts of kindness great and small and at last when the fitting moment arrives take up the great question. An old and thorough going infidel in Chicago was in this way won to Christ by a young woman, who found him sick and alone. She called day after day and showed him many kindnesses and as the consumption fastened itself more firmly upon him she spoke to him of the Saviour and had the joy of seeing him accept Christ.

A wisely chosen tract placed in the hand of the one with whom you wish to speak will often lead easily and naturally to the subject. One day I was riding on a train and praying that God would use me to lead some one to His Son. A young lady, daughter of a minister, with whom I had had some conversation 17 on this subject came in with a friend and took the seat immediately in front of me.

I took out a little bundle of tracts and selected one that seemed adapted for the purpose and handed it to her and asked her to read it. As she read, I prayed. When she had finished, I leaned over and asked her what she thought about it. She was deeply moved and I asked her if she would not accept Christ right there. Her difficulties were soon met and answered and she accepted Christ.

As she left the train she thanked me very heartily for what I had done for her. One may be rather awkward free text sex chat in torrey it at first but as we go on we will acquire facility. When the subject is once opened the first thing to find out is where the person with whom you are dealing stands; then you will know how to wisely treat his case.

In the chapters immediately following this all the 18 classes of men one is likely to meet will be given, and the first point to be ascertained is to which class any given individual belongs. But how can we find out to which class any person belongs? By asking him questions. Nevertheless, their answers and the manner of them will show you a great deal about their real state. By watching his face.

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Any one who cultivates the study of the faces of those with whom he deals will soon be able to tell in many instances the exact state of those with whom they are dealing irrespective of anything they may say. By the Holy Spirit. When we have learned where the person 19 with whom we are dealing stands, the next thing to do is to lead him as directly as we can to accept Jesus Christ, as his personal Savior and Master. We must always bear in mind that the primary purpose of our work, is not to get persons to the church or to give up their bad habits or to do anything else than this, to accept Jesus Christ, as their Saviour—the one who bore their sins in his own body on the tree and through whom they can have immediate and entire forgiveness,—and as their Master to whom they surrender absolutely the guidance of their thoughts, feelings, purposes and actions.

Acts x. Start a chat. About me. Cookie consent and choices But while they desire to do this work, many do not know how.

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This little book aims to tell them. Adult singles dating in torrey, utah ut. After further conversation we separated but later the man accepted Christ as his Saviour. How to bring men to christ She called day after day and showed him many kindnesses and as the consumption fastened itself more firmly upon him she spoke to him of the Saviour and had the joy of seeing him accept Christ. Torrey peters Any one who cultivates the study of the faces of those with whom he deals will soon be able to tell in many instances the exact state of those with whom they are dealing irrespective of anything they may say.

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