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In the summer months, your spend a lot of time in the shower between trips to the beach, workouts in the heat, and getting dirty from repotting all your plants. But all that showering can feel like a waste of time when the second you step foot on your fluffy bat mat, you experience the post-shower sweats and question why you even took the time to shower in the first place. Sweating after a shower is super common. Unlike the winter months when the air is cold and dry, the air in your home is likely a lot more humid, especially in the bathroom.

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That—combined with a higher body temperature due to the hot water on your skin and hair—can leave you feeling hot, sticky, and sweaty post-shower. The way you wash your face matters, too.

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Aside from cooling down the water temp in order to help keep you from sweating after a shower, Dr. But whether you have vents or windows for proper ventilation or not, you can always make a run for it. This should help you cool off, too.

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