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So here are some bars where dancing happens. Pick one, then pull up some YouTube videos and figure out how to dance. You hang out, sit on a waterbed, talk to some friends on your velvet couch, and show off your dance moves underneath a disco ball. You can do all of these things at this East Village bar, and if you want to drink a cocktail, you can reach your hand into a bowl filled with the names of various ingredients, like passionfruit or ginger and have the bartender make something based on whatever you pull out.

Nowadays is a huge indoor-outdoor bar right near the Drink and dancing tonight between Bushwick and Ridgewood. They have dancing inside and host lots of cool events, but our favorite thing about Nowadays is their weekly outdoor dance party called Mister Sunday. The crowd is a good mix of younger people, older people, kids, and dogs, the DJs only play vinyl, and there are strictly enforced no-cell-phone rules under the disco ball on the dance floor. If you can think of a better way to spend a summer Sunday, please send us a text invitation.

Until then, you know where to find us. Just know that if you arrive late on a weekend, there will probably be a line. Happyfun Hideaway feels like a drunk person decided to open a bar, so they ed a lease, found a pinball machine, and acquired a few boxes of Franzia. And yes, you can get Franzia here. You should never not be in the mood to drink a rum punch and listen to reggae.

Cafe Erzulie, a Haitian cafe in Bushwick, often hosts live performances, Caribbean music nights, and steel drum bands in their backyard as well as stand-up comedy.

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Make sure to follow Cafe Erzulie on Instagram so you never miss something great. This Astoria LGBTQ spot is typically relaxed during weeknights, but on the weekends, it becomes a full-on dance party. Make sure to check their schedule ahead of time, since they pretty much always have drag shows and comedy events happening. Also - Icon serves two-for-one drinks every night until 8pm.

That space will probably be crowded, which is all the more reason to dance. Because if it were just you dancing alone, things might get incredibly embarrassing incredibly fast. There are good things and bad things about The Woods. The catch is: it gets extremely crowded. Still, if all you want to do is drink something relatively cheap and dance with someone you just met, The Woods is here for you. Black Flamingo is a vegan Mexican restaurant in Williamsburg that turns into a bar at night.

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Bossa Nova is a dark, divey dance hall in Bushwick. We suggest you order a bottle of the caffeinated German soft drink known as Club Mate, drink a fourth of it, then ask the bartender to fill the rest up with the spirit of your choice. Once you have one or two of those inside you, hit the fog-covered dance floor. The music will be house or techno, and the trick to dancing here is to not care. But you will more than likely have an out-of-body experience dancing to trance music in their back room. If you want to have a Bushwick dancing one-two punch, cross the street and do late-night Bossa Nova.

The space consists of three small interconnected rooms, one of which consists of a DJ booth and a dance floor. The Jane Hotel Ballroom used to be more of a club, and it still sort of leans that way.

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You can either in, or enjoy one of the luxurious booths off the side. For an especially lively night in the East Village, this place is still one of your best options. This is a space-themed bar in Bushwick where you can dance under a bunch of neon lights to obscure techno music that not even Shazam can identify. The drinks are strong and listed on a space commander TV screen and the whole room turns into a sweaty dance floor on the weekends. If you want to dance to music you know the words to, and you want to stay in Bushwick, Lot 45 is your best choice. Tell your cool friends to take the dainty shoulder bobs elsewhere.

The dance floor at Home Sweet Home is surrounded by banquettes. So if you get exhausted at any point, you can take a seat. This place is in a little basement on the Lower East Drink and dancing tonight, and feels like a dive bar that just happens to have a very large dance floor. Despite the name, there are actually a few different rooms in here, and each one has its own DJ.

Dancing occurs in the basement after the concertsand the music down there is all over the place. Beauty Bar has been in the East Village for over two decades. Once the events are over, this becomes the dance floor.

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Just grab a cheap drink and do your best to dance to a song that might have been on the radio back when most people still listened to the radio. Home Cities Pick the perfect spot for every situation. Travel Guides Plan your trip and eat like locals. Send Us Feedback. Add a short message. NYC Guide. East Village. Bar in Bushwick.

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