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Independence Australia carries a huge range of bedding, chair and floor protection products for faecal and urinary incontinence. Our variety of bed p, chair p, mattress protectors, pillow protection and quilt protection products help assist with proper incontinence management for both adults and children. Reduce your laundry costs with our great range of bedding protection products.

Super absorbent, our mattress covers, and bedding protection options will keep the user dry and provide the perfect solution you need to help with incontinence. Deed to be soft, discrete and Discreet woman needed while you sleep, these solutions will leave you feeling confident. Browse the range of Independence Australia bedding, chair and floor protection options and sleep well tonight. Bowel control products help you feel more in-control when it comes to your health.

Anal plugs will provide you with more confidence in daily life by feeling supported, without the worries of unexpected accidents. If unsure, please consult a medical professional for advice. Independence Australia carries a range of children and young adult nappies and nappy accessories.

We stock a range of baby nappies, nappy bags, nappy liners and baby wipes to keep your little ones clean and hygienic. Protective barriers will keep your children dry, and protect their skin from unwanted moisture. Let them sleep and play with confidence in our range of nappies online. Independence Australia give your children the best nappy products from great brands including Bamboo and Huggies nappies, to ensure proper support as they grow.

Independence Australia stocks a large range of disposable P, Pants and Liners for adult males and females. There are a variety of sizes and absorbencies available to ensure you are kept feeling clean and hygienic throughout the day. Our range includes gender specific and unisex liners, guards and shields, stretch pants, booster p and protective undergarments.

All levels of incontinence can be better managed with our disposable p, pants and liners range, giving you the freedom to easily dispose of items after use. Our female hygiene range will ensure menstrual cycles are well managed whilst leaving you feeling fresh and able to complete daily tasks with ease. Browse through our wide range of disposable p, pants and liners for daily use and enjoy online shopping and fast delivery with Independence Australia. Independence Australia carries a range of incontinence swimwear, to support those with incontinence while in the water.

Independence Australia has the perfect swimming incontinence protection products for children and adults, helping to keep you having fun and feeling confident. Independence Australia stocks a variety of Washable Products for incontinence. Our range of washable incontinence products includes male and female p, clothing protection, swimmers and more.

Our continence care products help ease Discreet woman needed life, leaving you to feel confident and supported.

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Male and Female specific washable incontinence products are deed specifically for each gender, providing support in all the right places. Swimmers for incontinence are deed to keep bodily fluids out of the water, leaving the wearer to swim in confidence. Bowel Care. Washable Products. Independence Australia stock a large range of clothing and dressing aids to ensure you have the best products to complete everyday tasks with ease.

Ezy ups dressing aids at Independence Australia are a great tool to assist you with putting on and taking off pants with minimal mobility and strain. Our range of shoe horns enable you to put shoes on easily, with minimal bending. Our button hooks, and zipper rings and grips allow you to do up buttons and zippers with ease and minimal discomfort. Our range of kitchen utensil aids, will assist you with eating and drinking, with cutlery that mould to the shape of your hand and drinking cups with lids that have specifically deed non-tip features - eating and drinking just became a lot simpler.

Our tomato and onion slicers will make meal preparation fun and simple again, helping you to slice objects with minimal strength or strain. Make less of a mess at meal times with our do-it-yourself bib holders, allowing you to attach napkins, towels or other materials to your clothing with clips that attach to clothing and bibs.

Browse through our great eating, drinking and meal preparation collection today and feel confident in the kitchen again. Independence Australia stock a wide range of household aids, helping to make completing daily tasks simpler. Live comfortably in your own home, and feel confident completing tasks with our great range of aids for daily living. Find our helpful Reachers, which allow you to grab and hold objects that are out of reach in places such as on the floor or in high cupboards. Sit comfortably with our range of ring cushions and turn-able swivel seat cushions, to aid in pain relief and assist mobility with minimal discomfort.

Our wide range of gloves help make cleaning and caring for wounds safe, and help prevent against cross-contamination. Independence Australia stock a large range Discreet woman needed pressure sore prevention and care products to help you prevent and manage pressure sore wounds. Some of our products include, our Roho air flotation mattresses and convoluted suspension boots to help offload pressure from the heels and body, leaving less room for pressure sores to develop or worsen.

Our dressings are conformable and flexible and provide a Discreet woman needed wound healing environment for superficial wounds and are great to use as primary and secondary dressings. Our gels and creams assist with moisturising, debriding and provide an anti-bacterial layer to alleviate pressure sore wounds.

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Our range includes arthritic support gloves aimed to relieve aches and pains that are often associated with arthritis. They offer a mild compression that helps to increase circulation and assists with healing. Our range of support braces are lightweight and help to relieve muscular aches and pains. With a wide range of support shoes, walking canes, elbow crutches and accessories available, we have something for everyone. Choose the perfect support for your needs with our folding walking canes, walking cane holders, handles and walking stick tips.

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Also found within this range are our great shock absorption shoes that are perfect for post-operative care. Household Aids. Household Products. Shop our quality range of enteral feeding options online at Independence Australia and enjoy fast delivery to your door. Independence Australia stocks a range of first aid supplies; including first aid kits and a variety of first aid equipment to ensure your medical kit has everything you need in those unexpected situations.

Get the best in wound dressings and first aid supplies such as combine dressings, split dressings, swabs, band aids and gauze packing options. The range of first aid equipment and dressings are sterile, easy to apply and deed for a variety of accidents and wounds types. Within this range you will also find hot and cold packs, complete first aid kits, slings, tapes and more. Get the best quality range of first aid supplies from Independence Australia and be prepared for those unexpected situations. Independence Australia carries a wide range of general medical aids products.

Our range includes blood pressure monitors and cuffs and blood testing Discreet woman needed urinalysis, so health monitoring can be conducted at home or on the go. Our stethoscopes and thermometers are high quality and assist health care professionals and others to diagnose and monitor health conditions. Independence Australia stock a wide range of needles, syringes and solutions online, for all your medical injection needs.

Our needle range consists of needle gauges, gripper needles, butterfly needles, hypodermic needles and more. Our syringes range includes hypodermic syringes which are latex free with markings for quick visual inspection of precise dosages, Disposable syringes which enable quick and easy injection of medication, and allow for quick disposal. Our Solutions range will make sterilising a breeze with our sodium chloride solution, water for injections and more.

Respiratory aids from Independence Australia aim to help you and your family breathe easier. Our respiratory aids are perfect from those who suffer from respiratory illnesses including croup, asthma, head colds and bronchitis.

We stock Discreet woman needed best quality equipment across many brands to provide the best care and support. Shop tracheostomy aids online at Independence Australia today. Enteral Feeding. First Aid. Respiratory Breathing Aids. Tracheostomy Opening into the throat Aids. Supplements from Independence Australia help people with a range of medical conditions including dysphagia, low sodium, involuntary weight loss, or fluid restrictions. Supplements are nutritionally formulated for the dietary management of individuals with a range of medical conditions, including difficulty swallowing, allowing you to choose the best suited supplement products to support both your medical and dietary requirements.

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With great brands to choose from like Ensure, Resource, Flavour Creations and Fortisip, you'll find the supplement for you. Most supplements are tailored to personal needs so please consult a medical professional before use. The vitamins range at Independence Australia help provide people with essential vitamins that are not properly consumed through diet alone.

Our range of vitamins includes brands like Cenovis and includes a range of different vitamins types including; Discreet woman needed b12, protein, vitamin C and more. With our extensive range of brands, flavours and vitamin options, our vitamins will help you feel better for longer.

Vitamins for your body, and a range of health and medical conditions are available; including prostate health, sleeping difficulties, iron deficiency, pregnancy and more. Independence Australia stock a large variety of adhesives and adhesive removers to assist with wound care management. Our adhesive wipes, creams and foams will enable strong and reliable wound closure. Adhesive dentures allow for a long-lasting bonding effect between dentures and the jaw. Our collection of adhesive removers will ensure safe and simple removal of tapes, with minimal pain and discomfort.

Browse online with Independence Australia today. Independence Australia carries a wide range of creams, lotions, gels and oils to keep you and your family clean, and safe from germs and infections. Our collection of antiseptic creams, including Betadine, will help heal those nasty cuts, ensuring no bad germs body.

We also have a range of face cream, leaving you feeling soft and confident. Moisturisers, face scrubs and barrier cream Discreet woman needed will leave you with fabulous looking skin. Browse through the Independence Australia range of creams, lotions, gels and oils to help assist with medical conditions, disinfect cuts and scrapes and keep your face and skin feeling fresh. Scrub and cleanse your skin with our range of products, allowing you to maintain good care of your body. Our range of washcloths and wipes are deed to help condition and soothe even sensitive skin.

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Disposable wet wipes can be a more sanitary and hygienic way of cleansing than a standard reusable wash cloth. Perfect as a face and body washer, for sterilisation and more. Our catheter and catheter accessories range will also help make incontinence an easier and more discreet process.

Independence Australia offers a wide range of discreet and comfortable condom drainage and external catheter options. These male catheters deliver safety and confidence with a secure fit and gentle removal. Available in a range of sizes, materials and brands, condom catheters stay in place while in use and fit most leg drainage bags. Catheter drain and Discreet woman needed bags at Independence Australia are medical grade quality, and made for secure and discreet application and use. Providing flexible drainage, mobility and comfort for users, our different types of catheter bags are easy to use and are deed to maintain its position without slipping.

Independence Australia carries a wide range of female and male urinals and bed pans online. Urinals, bed pans, urinal accessories and collection jars and dishes are for both hospital and home use. Browse the range to find the perfect product for your needs, and manage incontinence with our great selection of urology products. Independence Australia stocks a comprehensive range of urostomy, ostomy and cecostomy products which utilise the latest technologies to provide a reliable and gentle skin barrier.

Our products from leading suppliers are hospital grade and suitable for home and hospital use. Our urostomy pouches and stoma bags will ensure you can go about your daily tasks with ease.

Discreet woman needed

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