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Find an interactive map at the bottom of this post. NOTE: Travel is not recommended at this time. These posts are here to serve as inspiration when we can explore again. Hey there — this post likely contains affiliate links, which means I earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase from them.

This helps me earn a few dollars to run this website. When the Women in Travel Conference announced that they would be heading to Portland, Maine for their three-day summit, I immediately started planning for an epic New England road trip along the coastal regions. While this was not the exact itinerary I took — since I did spend three days at a conference — this guide is how I would split up my trip if I did not have a conference to attend.

New England is one of the oldest colonial regions in the United States, comprising of six states in the northeastern section of the country. Known as the birthplace of colonial America, New England is now home to nearly 15 million people. The area is known for its hills with part of the Appalachians running through it and for its rugged, unforgiving coastline.

Because it is so far north compared to the rest of the USA, I find that its climate is similar to the east coast of Canada. That means winters are long and snowy, and the summers are short but popular with visitors. Fall is peak season for New England when millions of visitors come to the region to take in the fall colours.

In spring, Cute Bar Harbor sweet girl wanted trees are in bloom. The coastal areas of Maine are just waking up for the season in spring, and many attractions open in mid to late May, around the American Memorial Day holiday. New England is made up of 38 different regions. You can then take the Amtrack Downeaster to Portland.

Whether you can drive up or fly in, spending Cute Bar Harbor sweet girl wanted least two nights in this historic city is a must. Boston is the epicentre for cultural activities and historical architecture. And the best part is it is all walkable. There is so much to see in Boston, but two full days will help you get the lay of the land and see some of the best of what Boston has to offer. Start your morning off right at a coffee shop and later, dig into some of the best grilled cheese in Boston. There was an actual al from which Beacon Hill got its name. You might be surprised to hear that it was not a great place to live for several centuries before it was gentrified in the 19th century.

Massachusetts State House: This golden domed building, located on the outskirts of Beacon Hill, is where the seat of government is in Massachusetts. Dating back tothis building is actually the second statehouse in Boston.

The Public Garden sits adjacent to the Boston Common. Sit on one of the park benches, like the one Robin Williams used to sit by or jump into a Swan Boat in the summertime. People like to dress up the ducks in different outfits. They were little judges when I was there. You can do the trail yourself, or take a tour to soak in all the history.

Constitution and more. Have you seen Spotlight?! Walk along the pier and then turn around to see the marvellous Boston cityscape. Boston Tea Party Museum: This floating museum allows you to re-live some of the critical moments of US history and take a peek into what life was like during the American Revolution.

I suggest a delicious chai latte and a morning bun, a sweet pastry that tastes like a cinnamon bun and a croissant had a baby.

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It houses hundreds of shops from food to clothes to keepsakes. Try the Boston Chowdah or the baked beans that gave Boston its nickname: Beantown. Often overshadowed by the influential white men at the time, we are starting to understand the role that women have played in history. Hello Boston! The building itself has been on American Association of Architects list of top 10 buildings in the United States for centuries. Boston Public Library: Cute Bar Harbor sweet girl wanted only is the Boston Public Library the third largest public library in the United States, but it is one of the most historic.

It was founded back in the mids. Today you can visit the central branch for free on your own or a public tour. Make sure to check out the Grand Staircase, Bates Hall, the courtyard and the various galleries. Boston has one of those birds-eye views of the city at the Prudential Center. Happy Friday! Where are you going this weekend? You get to walk inside a three-story tall globe made of stained glass. It was built in and shows the world as it was at the time notice how some of the political borders and names have changed.

You can take a behind the scenes tour of Fenway Park to get the insider details of how the place operates. Tours take you on a 60 minute guided walk. There are also other tour options based on what you would like to see in Fenway. You can buy tickets online up to 30 days before the date, after that you can chance getting a ticket at the door.

Why not a delicious spot for brunch? Sonsie is a classy bistro known for its brunch. From seafood to pancakes to sandwiches to eggs, their menu will please just about everyone. Seafood at Saltie Girl: When on the east coast, you have to dig into the local cuisine, which means seafood!

They create every fish and seafood dishes that you could imagine, from smoked fish to seafood towers to fried lobster and waffles. Plus it had great WiFi and a delicious free breakfast. Midrange — The Revolution Hotel : Boston is not cheap to stay. There are so many reasons why you need to visit Portland, Maine. Not only is it the craft brew capital of the United States, but the city has been named the restaurant city of the year. Then take a bite into your first lobster dish. All opinions are my own. And beer is just out of the question. But I had the opportunity to go on a brew tour through the Women in Travel Summit, and I can honestly say it has changed my perspective on drinks.

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Not only was our driver and host hella funny, but each establishment was welcoming and thoroughly explained their passion to us. Our first stop was Foundation Brewery. Our second stop was at Eighteen Twenty winery, whose owner Amanda explained how her love of wine drove her to make it out of something that grows well in Maine: rhubarb. Our last stop was at Hardshore Distillery for my poison of choice: gin. Founder Jordan showed off his incredibly cool copper distilling beast and explained every effort he and his team puts into making their smooth-as-silk gin.

Who else pictures Vikings and Lord of the Rings when you think if mead? Well, think again, because this place is classy!

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I suggest trying the tasting flight, which is based on the bottles they have in season. Mead is made through the fermentation of honey, water and any other flavours you wish to mix in. The Honeymaker Mead at Maine Mead Works is made through the South African method, which is apparently different than what you would think mead would be. PS: Try the Lavender Mead. High Roller Lobster Co is just one of the man places to get a classic lobster roll, but did you know you can also get a lobster grilled cheese, lobster taco and a lobster on a stick?

All right here. Wander the street and take a peek into the several one-of-a-kind shops. Henry Wworth Longfellow was a poet from Portland who is known for his poems capturing the plight of the Acadians. Exchange Street: Where everything is happening in Portland. Seriously, from shops to restaurants, all the cool kids are hanging out on Exchange Street. Historic Waterfront: Zigzag through the floating piers and watch the boats zoom by at the Historic Waterfront District. Try the unbelievably delicious blueberry pancakes made with Maine blueberries or the lobster and Swiss omelette!

These fresh and delicious doughnuts are made from Maine potatoes. Portland Lobster Co: Ready for lobster roll round two? The Portland Lobster Co was voted the best lobster roll four years in a row. Go try it for yourself! Technically starting at Washington Street and then surrounded by water on three sides, Munjoy Hill is one of the more affluent neighbourhoods in Portland. Portland Observatory: While the Portland Observatory looks very much like a lighthouse, it is not a lighthouse. Built in by Captain Lemuel Moody, the metre tall structure was used as a marine al tower for passing ships.

Today you can climb the steps to the top to get a wonderful view over Portland and the surrounding bay. Sumner Park: For a free view of the city, and a great place to catch the sunset, head to the highest point on Munjoy Hill located at Sumner Park. Here you can take a walk along the trails, or lounge on the beach and stick your Cute Bar Harbor sweet girl wanted in the ocean.

Portland Head Lighthouse: Next, head all the way to Cape Elizabeth south of Portland to visit one of the most famous lighthouses in the world: Portland Head Lighthouse.

Cute Bar Harbor sweet girl wanted

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Cute Bar Harbor sweet girl wanted