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The blighters are just trying to get into your bank for their personal enrichment. I am sorry that it has taken a little longer to produce this newsletter, but there have been matters in hand that have been needed to be considered. Sadly, I have to inform you that you are going to have put up with a newsletter for the foreseeable future. On Monday, 28 th July we were able to have our first face-to-face committee meeting which was held at the Conservative Club. In practical terms, we 10 occupied almost half of the available seating, which would mean that any sort of a branch meeting would have to be limited to a maximum attendance of The Club is not open after 8.

On balance, we concluded that a full branch meeting will have to remain an aspiration, perhaps not being achieved until the distancing is reduced enough to allow 30 or so to meet. This decision will be reviewed by our Committee in October. s are promising. They can accommodate 60 in our usual venue.

The only problem is that we would not be able to have the long table de as per usual. Tables of 4 can be accommodated.

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Committee will be discussing in a few weeks at their next meeting. s are good that we are managing a different way of life at the moment. Keep safe and keep well.

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Regards Sheila President and Social Sec. More immediately, as you may remember, we hoped to celebrate VE day at Sutton social club, but the lockdown put an end to that, so we planned to postpone our event to VJ day. Regrettably, these plans had to be abandoned also, but instead there will be a service of remembrance at the Mablethorpe memorial on Saturday August 15 th VJ day at Our Standard will be there.

It is thought the church can accommodate up to 50, and further details will appear in the next newsletter. We had confirmation from Leicester that we have permission and insurance to fundraise as circumstances permit. We hope to have our memorabilia stall up and running at:. Every one of these events is subject to final decisions from the premises holders closer to the actual date. There will be no on-street collections this year. Fundraising of course can take other forms. I have written about our branch member Anthony Wilson, now down in the Falklands.

If the London marathon goes ahead on October 4 ththen I am sure that Anthony will be there, but in the meantime, Anthony, as best he can, is doing marathon things in the South Atlantic. This time he has sent a book! I have put a reserve on the sunset. If you feel able to support Anthony, please visit www. Please be generous. Nothing has changed too drastically out here since last month other than the lifting of our restrictions on travelling to the island capital of Stanley.

Some of you may have seen recently that we had a team travel down from Brize to help rescue one of the A Atlas aircraft. So a team travelled down, isolated and replaced the engine and off it went back to the UK. The first leg saw it travel to the Chilean capital of Santiago before then travelling further up South America to Rio de Janeiro.

The A also acts as a resupply airbridge for those on the Ascension Islands and so that was its next stop after Rio. Once it had offloaded its cargo in Asi and picked up some cargo bound for Brize Norton, the aircraft departed Ascension for Gibraltar where it performed one final pit stop before flying its last leg back home.

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No mean feat this flight, taking the crew the best part of 3 days to fly back. I mentioned in there Santiago, Chile. We sometimes receive requests from civilian aircraft to use Mount Pleasant for aeromedical flights. Not too long ago we received an urgent request from the Chilean medical company, Aerocardal, who had been chartered in by the Chilean government to transport a heavily pregnant woman from Stanley to her native country.

Aside from that, it is very much business as usual down here. The spare part was to be flown down on the midweek airbridge which subsequently turned around and headed back to Brize Norton because we had an amber warning for snow the night it was due to land that snow never happened, which must have been really frustrating for people whose replacement was on the flight. In the images that I have included, you can see just how spectacular this place really can be! Alison has decided to set herself a Battle of Britain challenge to walk miles.

She only exercised on a very limited scale, going on a short walk a couple of times a week. To challenge herself even more she is hoping to complete the walk over 30 days in August aiming for miles a day. We will be setting an itinerary and if anyone would like to meet Alison anywhere on one of the walks, she would love to see you, if only for a wave and a little support. Tom is going to accompany her on his buggy a couple of times to keep her going!

I write this update while sat in the kitchen with a brew, working from home. My time is now split between 3 days at work and 2 days working from home. So Marham is slowly getting back to some sort of normality with many more people returning to work, aircraft flying and training commencing.

Where I work in Ground Engineering Flight, most people will have returned by 29 June with only a handful splitting their time between work and home. This comes Coningsby swap meet looking 4 guy i saw a whole Station effort to get them there, which included a 2 week isolation at RAF Marham for whoever was going on the detachment or directly supporting.

The Americans will be conducting t exercises with us, flying from RAF Marham before they too deploy to the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier. No doubt Marham will become all Americanised by then to make them feel at home! Although it is Sqn who bear the brunt of detachments and operational flying, Sqn have many of their personnel seconded toincluding a of aircraft. My regards to all branch members and I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Regards, Jamie Green. As you may have seen recently in the press, there was a QRA launch from Coningsby to a passenger jet where the threat of a bomb on board had been intimated.

As I say, life goes on, with some stupid people showing their true colours. The Question is: What is the object in the picture? T he overall length of the object is roughly 4 inches. You will find the answer at the end of this newsletter. I also attach three photographs of a day in the life of one of my cactuses, like octopuses — everyone knows octopi is an eight-sided main course pastry for dinner!

When it flowers, the stem takes about 72 hours to grow approximately 7 inches in length, then the flower appears overnight and dies the following evening.

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It is a beautiful delicate bloom and amazing that Coningsby swap meet looking 4 guy i saw energy can be put into such a brief life. I intend to get another newsletter out to you in the next couple of weeks by which time I hope we will have some guidance is tell us which fundraising activities we can put in place for wings appeal. As you will probably aware the Association is showing a very substantial loss of income due to the virus, such that there will be redundancies as well as the closure of its two hotels so we must try to do our little bit.

It may only be a drop in the ocean, but shows our commitment to the cause. It is with the greatest regret that I have to inform you that one such redundancy is much closer to home. A couple of days ago I received a call from Geoff Burton to tell me that as part of the Associations restructuring plans, he is being made redundant at the beginning of September. I find it difficult to express how much I will miss him personally and as your Branch Chairman for the support and guidance that Geoff has given us over the last five years, which has been a vital element in bringing the Branch to where we are today.

These are not the best of times to be going job hunting, but we all wish Geoff success in finding a new role to suit his talents. I said that I hoped to bring the branch through Covid 19 unscathed, and at least as far as the virus is concerned we seem to have made it safely fingers crossed. However, unscathed can have a wider meaning. Our branch member and standard bearer Ruth Barker had a very nasty accident recently when she tripped and fell through her greenhouse at home.

Her arms were very badly lacerated and she now awaits a hospital appointment for an injury to her back. Well done Ruth; we wish you a complete recovery. Please give me a call on if you would like to buy one of those products. Jelly Babies 2. Smarties 3. Quality Street 4. Chocolate Buttons 5. After Eight 6. Black Magic 7. Wine Gums 8. Pear Drops 9.

Polo All Gold Hum Bug Milk Tray Rock TicTac Liquorice Allsorts Aniseed Balls Mars Bar Twix Bounty Turkish Delight Dolly Mixtures Curly Wurly Whisper Topic Dime I start this 6 th newsletter with a correction and an apology.

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I should also apologise if I were seen to have over-indulged in the free wine! Of course, as I write this, I look desperately for s that our lock down might be coming to an end, but sadly with very little hope. Nevertheless, we continue our work to keep the Branch in touch, and once the weather perks up again, I hope we can all get out and about and visit for an alfresco cuppa. I do appreciate all the help you give me. Just to bring you a little up to date, I can tell you that our branch support officer Geoff Burton has been put on furlough till the end of July at the earliest.

He visited me a few days ago — tea in the garden in the rain — and we had a good, informative chat.

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In a of the times, an e-mail received at the end of last week tells me that the 40s weekend at Ludborough is cancelled until September — we will be there! Where we will be in the meantime remains open to question, but if nothing else, we will find ways of fundraising for Wings Appeal. Mentioning the fundraising for Wings, Anthony made it out to the Falklands safely and he quickly sent me almost on arrival the following report:.

Job wise my role down here is simple yet such good fun. As the only operations assistant for the typhoon flight Flight my role is to aid and assist the 3 pilots as much as possible, before, during and after their flights whilst also maintaining an up-to-date operations room that allows the aircrew to effectively plan their sorties. So at the moment flight is home to 4 Typhoons which go by the names of Faith, Hope, Charity and Desperation Desponames which originate from the battle of Malta in We have 2 pilots on a 6 week rotation and the OC who rotates on a 4 month basis, all who are currently based up at RAF Lossiemouth.

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Coningsby swap meet looking 4 guy i saw