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Looking for really whatever m4w I entirely don't know why I'm posting this. But anyway, I'm friendly regarding others. I don't have a car, and can't host still live with my parents, I am just an 18 year old college studentbut I can travel effectively enough via longobard and bus systems. If anyone actually re this, shoot me an .

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I check it often enough. Just say something interesting in the subject line so that I don't throw Central islip NY adult personals in the spam folder. Size advice plz!! Please ladies let me know what you think any help would be greatly appreciated. My cock is 5in and i am wondering if women out there have had a good experience with one this size or if it is just too small for you. What advice could you give to me? I think this is the big one since I obviously can't change the size of my cock. I would be happy to send you a picture of it all yo would have to do is ask. If you could tell me just a little about yourself so I know where the advice is coming from.

Thank you so much for looking and for your time answering. It is very nice of you. Please be as honest as you can, don't worry if you think it might make me sad or whatever, I would much rather hear the truth. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. Nothing serious, just hanging out as friends and having fun. I am into driving, hiking, and the coast. I like Mexican food and some Chinese is great too. I dig coffee also! I am mainly into hard rock, metal, punk, and the heavier side of music but can play and listen to just about anything.

I am tattooed and good looking, but that is not important. Alright if this sounds like you, message soon! I have kicked this idea around for years but never really had the balls to try it I have reasons for wanting to, AND for not wanting to leave my wife, which we can discus any time you want to.

One of the things that held me back is that such an extramarital relationship would have to be mostly about sex.

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But that is not what I want. I mean, yes, I want to have sex with someone, but I also want it to be someone I care about, someone I want to keep seeing, someone I want to know deeply, someone who knows me, someone that I could invite into my heart because my heart is big enough to have room for more than one woman.

Since this is what I want, I decided I couldn't really post on the Casual Encounters mostly because I feel that in doing so I am degrading myself to a lower level of intellect and value--I mean, seriously, have you seen the on there? Then I thought about posting in the LTR section, but this felt dishonest. I think that most of the women who surf that particular category are looking for a single man who might them. Since what I want and what I propose is unorthodox even though its VERY common--men and women on their spouses all the time for a variety of reasonsI didn't feel right posting there.

That left only here, the strictly platonic section, but even that is a bit dishonest, because, yes, I would hope sex would be a part of what we do together and that is not platonic. So, here I am, posting.

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Don't really know what else to say. I suppose if I wanted I could try to sell myself, you know, tell you about how great I am and how I'm different than other guys but you already know I'm not because I have admitted to wanting to. I suppose I could describe my looks or my height or my body or stuff like that.

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But I'm not going to. First of all, I have to share anyway. Second of all, if you're reading this and highly offended at a married man wanting to be sexually and emotionally intimate with another woman, what difference does make what I look like or what my personality is? BUT, if for whatever reason you'd like to talk to me, I can fill in any blanks you want. I'm starting here. Please put the word "Hodor" in the subject line of yourthanks. What does Hodor mean? It helps if you've seen or read Game of Thrones.

I am so sick of being a drone in the system of superficiality I am so tired of the facades of the sheeple. I am so tired of the superficialities and masks people wear. I am so tired of the hypocrites. I am so tired of people who claim they want one thing and then turn around when given a chance at happiness and deny happiness. I am so tired of people pretending everything is super great but everytime you see them they are consuming and. I am so tired of people who you only see when they want something.

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I am tired of seeing people sell their souls bodies for crap they can't take with them when they die. I am so tired of people blindy following the latest trends so they can fit in. I am so tired of people who need other people's approval. I am so tired of this shallow country and nation. I am so tired of the wicked being idolized and glorified. I am so tired of the people who live miserable lives that make others suffer for pure entertainment.

I am so tired of all the self righteous people. I am so tired of people who but does not to change the world or make it a better place. I am so tired of seeing the wick flourish while the and oppress lack. I am so tired of women chasing after badboys while neglecting good dudes. I am so tired of men who have good women they dog out just to get some new tail. I am so tired of people placing everyone into a box full of labels. I am so tired of conformity. I am so tired of people pretending human nature isn't borderline masochistic. I am so Central islip NY adult personals of it all, I am so sick of the machine and all its mindless sheeple who blindly obey and follow while corrupting their souls for materialistic temporary gain and other things that they cant take with them when they die.

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