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An exhibition at Cambridge University Library The Rising Tide: Women at Cambridge ; 14 October — March demonstrates through a collection of costume, letters and audio-visual material how hard women had to fight for basic rights at the University. In fact, it was not until almost a century later in that Cambridge began to actually award degrees to women. This means it was the last of the big educational institutions to do so. The University of London had given degrees to women in the s.

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A note written by undergraduates apologising for the damage that had been done to Newnham College during the riot of shows that this hostility continued well into the 20th century. Though female students in the 60s and 70s had got a toe in the door, they were certainly not made to feel welcome.

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Though Girton College was established especially to give women the opportunity to study at the University, there Cambridge mature girls still many barriers that women faced — the first female students were required to ask permission to attend lectures, were not allowed to take exams without special permission, and usually had to be accompanied by chaperones in public until after the First World War. Women showed great courage at Cambridge, not least those who worked at the colleges supporting students through the war. The new exhibition features an interview with year-old Gwanwyn Sykes who worked in the kitchens at Girton and Newnham during the Second World War before becoming Assistant Bursar at the latter college.

Nowadays, the tide has turned. Indeed, the world is now a different place. But that is not to say that inequality was never or does not continue to be an intractable problem in British society and, of course, more pertinently elsewhere.

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Cambridge mature girls

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