Bored cold and lonely

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Eloise is an everyday health expert and runs My Vegan Supermarket, a vegan blog and database of supermarket products. Read full profile. It can be challenging to come up with fun activities to fill your time during winter, especially if you normally spend lots of time outside.

ICheck out this list for 50 ideas on how to beat winter boredom. Do a jigsaw. This is perfect for extra-chilly days. Have a snowball fight. Have an indoor snowball fight. Not got any snow, or worried about injuries? Go bowling. Want to do something sporty and competitive, without freezing to death?

Bowling is idea. Go on a date. Make the most of your free time by planning a fun winter date. How about ice skating? Bored cold and lonely winter photos. Sparkling icicles, buildings covered in snow, robins… Winter is full of great photo opportunities. Bake a dessert. Make winter decorations for your home. Cut snowflakes out of paper, make snowmen out of salt dough, and put together paper chains.

Wrap up warm and go for a walk. Visit a museum. Keep warm and learn about new things — lots of fun for families. Look out for special offers and free exhibitions. Make a gingerbread house. Buy a kit, or make your own gingerbread from scratch. Have plenty of icing and sweets on hand to decorate. Paint a picture. Tap into your artistic side — you could paint a pretty winter landscape, or a cozy log cabin. Make fancy hot chocolate.

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Forget normal cocoa. Make it an event and go all out with marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles and candy canes. Play an instrument. Always wished you were more musical? Get started now with free online lessons and tutorials for almost any instrument. Learn a new language. Got a holiday planned for the summer? Get prepared now by starting to learn the language — there are plenty of online courses.

Build a snowman. Go traditional with a carrot nose and buttons for eyes, or get more creative with unusual accessories. Go sledging. Grab your sledge, find a hill, and go wild! Sledging is lots of fun, and climbing that hill is good exercise. Have a movie marathon. Want to watch the entire Harry Potter series back to back? Make fake snow. Lots of fun for kids, and can make a great windowsill decoration. Draw a winter scene. Use your imagination, or search online for cute pictures to copy. Make window stickers.

Stick to a winter theme with snowflakes, clouds and icicles. Go to an art gallery.

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Take in some culture and enjoy a hot drink in the cafe. Visit an indoor shopping centre. Get in some retail therapy without freezing on the high street. Go the the cinema. Make a cute tea light holder. Decorate jam jars with paint, pen, or cut-out paper to make a cute candle display. Decorate a mug with permanent marker. Grab a black pen and go wild — you might end up with a new favourite mug.

Do an indoor exercise routine. the gym. Too cold to go for a run? the gym and take advantage of fancy equipment and good heating. Rearrange a room.

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A change of scenery can improve your mood during the colder months. Visit a new restaurant. Be sure to make a reservation, in case everyone else has had the same idea. Write a story. Wish you could write a novel? Make a short film. Write a script, film on your phone, and edit on your computer. It could be a masterpiece! Start a blog. Got a passion you want to share?

Create a free blog and get writing. Learn to code. Build a blanket fort. Add fairy lights to make it extra magical. Organize an indoor treasure hunt.

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Lo of fun for kids — get creative with your clues and hiding places. Put music on and dance. Let off some steam without having to leave the house. Play video games. Choose an immersive game and it could last you the whole winter. Fold origami. All you need is some paper — start with simple folds and work your way up to fancy des.

Make homemade gifts. Save some money of Christmas pressies by making your own. Read a book. Pick up a good novel and the hours will fly by — goodbye boredom. Start a scrapbook. Take photos, write diary entries, and collect happy memories.

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Chief of Product Management at Lifehack Read full profile. Want to learn some quick and easy life hacks that are easy to do, low cost and saves you time? By tweaking little things in your daily life, it can make your life much more convenient! Source: Reddit LifeProTips. Share Pin it Tweet Share. You wonder if winter is ever going to end. Winter might soon be your favourite season!

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Bored cold and lonely

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