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A discussion-based class via Zoom or in-person in the Choir Room. For more information, contact David Booman at davidb stmichaelschurch.

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A lecture-based class, available in-person in the Chapel and on Zoom. Bill will speak on a book of the Bible each week. Then check out the recording! August 8 recording. Eat this Book! This is a discussion-based class in-person in Roomdiscussing books of the Bible. Youth Sunday School will meet in-person on the Rectory patio, or in the Buyck Chapel in inclement weather. For moreinformation, please contact Taylor Daniel at taylor stmichaelschurch. Children ages Preschool through fifth grade will meet in the Kinloch Room.

For more information, contact Danielle Lindstrom, danielle stmichaelschurch. Midday Prayers via Zoom video conference call. in from your computer at this link: midday prayersand then click on Open Zoom Meeting. You can also via your smartphone. They are currently studying Philippians by N. Bring your own lunch. For more info, contact Joe Nicholson, joe nicholsonwmg. Or through your smartphone. It leverages Daily Strength for Men, a devotional written by Chris Bolinger who found his faith in God renewed by his own experience in a similar group.

April 7 Does Science Contradict Miracles? Click for recording. March 3 Prepare for the Golden Years Click for recording. On livestream no zoom for livestream. This class arose from a preaching series developed by many local churches uniting together to form Mission: Charleston, with the aim to stand Biblically for Gospel Driven Reconciliation. The leaders of this group are all very orthodox Gospel-driven pastors. Our clergy took their curriculum and expanded it a bit, to create The God Corner.

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Each class will have a clergy member as teacher, with a reflection by a special guest. Reflection: Brit Hume Click for recording. Reflection: Dr. Ken Boa. Click for the recording. Ken Boa on Biblical Justice — am. Leighton Ford for the recording. Matthew Rivers for the recording. Anthony Thompson for the recording. John Yates for the recording. Al Zadig, Sr. for the recording. A six-week study with the clergy team teaching on everything you wanted to know about Heaven and more. April 22 What is Heaven and are there really three of them?

Al Zadig. View the recorded Zoom call. for text. April 29 What will the Resurrected Earth be like? Randy Shirley. for the text. May 6 Who will I see and What will I do in heaven? David Booman. View the recording. May 13 What will our relationships be like? The Top Questions of Heaven…Pets? Richard Grimball View the recorded Zoom call.

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May 20 How do I get there and will I go there alone? Bill Hyer View the recorded Zoom call. May 27 If there is a Heaven, there must be a Hell. What is that all about? Tabitha Wang Eat this Book! Midday Prayers noon, Monday through Friday. April 14 - May In fact, one of the things every human has in common regardless of country, language, political persuasion, favorite team, is that we will all one day die. However, in spite of this universal inevitability, we tend to avoid the subject of death and dying. However, the truth is that preparing well for death can bring tremendous peace and comfort.

Honestly, this conversation can be one of the greatest gifts we can give those we care about the most. And so…for those who are coming down the home stretch of life, as well as those who have aging parents and grandparents, we warmly welcome you to Embrace the Journeyan extraordinary class from Anglicans for Life.

Taught by our own scholar-in-residence Bill Hyer, this class not only provides a theological foundation for understanding death and dying, but it also equips us to confidently navigate the legal and medical decisions that most of us will one day face, for ourselves or for a loved one. Heaven Series, April 22 - May 27, From Our Earthly Layover to our Eternal Makeover A six-week study with the clergy team teaching on everything you wanted to know about Heaven and more.

Al Zadig View the recorded Zoom call. Randy Shirley View the recorded Zoom call. View the recording May 13 What will our relationships be like?

Adult chat room women around Saint Michaels

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